Orange Lilium 2  

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Uploaded: 04/14/17 10:46 AM GMT
Orange Lilium 2
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My lilium flowers continue blooming and I take more photos.
140mm, F16, 1/6Sec, -2EV, Nikon D7200, Nikkor 18-140, tripod.


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04/14/17 10:48 AM GMT
Excellent in all ways, Tanju, so a great Foofy Friday image!

S+F instantly of course! Thanks for sharing this beauty, my friend!
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04/14/17 11:32 AM GMT
Wonderful photo, Tanju, of these gorgeous and gracious flowers. Love them.
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04/14/17 12:13 AM GMT
Another elegant and very beautiful shot Tanju :)
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04/14/17 12:23 AM GMT
Is there a word more powerful than excellent? Your picture is skillful and meritorious.
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04/14/17 12:59 AM GMT
Perfection before my eyes, a fave! tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
04/14/17 1:45 PM GMT
Good depth and colour in this photo of the lilies. Excellent shot Tanju.
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04/15/17 5:58 PM GMT
Beautiful shot and gorgeous color Tanju - looks like you still have a few buds that will bloom - Great Capture!!!!!!
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04/15/17 10:16 PM GMT
I actually stared at this for quite awhile...the colors and shadows are amazing.
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04/17/17 5:27 PM GMT
Brilliant shot and like the profiles, they look like velvet and such detail = Bravo
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04/19/17 5:55 PM GMT
/\ What they said.

... ...

Apologies for this drive-by comment, Tanju.

But, I did want you to know that this is a great shot.

+favs for me.


But, of course.. thanks for sharing this one with us.
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04/23/17 12:35 AM GMT
Wow... subtle but strong... excellent... light is perfect.
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04/28/17 10:39 AM GMT
A 1 work Tanju.

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12/07/17 7:04 PM GMT
Beautiful .....bijan 08/12/2017
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