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Transience Another photo published as a poster. Because most of my pictures are copyright by related client it's not always possible to show you "guys" what I had in mind. Nevertheless I think this picture is nice (enough). It was taken with Hasselblad, Phase-One digital back, Sonnar 120 mm. Broncolor flash. The lighting was very complex because the flowers were placed in a box,(flanges). There's no (digital) manipulation except in composing the three single shots into one. The flowers in every picture are the same. This is what happens in approximately one week.


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11/06/09 1:56 PM GMT
I wish I had the capacity to think a shot like this. Or..three shots, I should say. So professional, needless to say. I bet your client was very happy with this work of yours. I love the glow of the stems of the flowers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful works of art with us, Evert.

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11/06/09 2:41 PM GMT
This 'drieluik' tells the sory of life, Evert. Great and professional work!
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my gallery. In the first case, please CLICK HERE to see my work!
11/06/09 4:56 PM GMT
I like the word 'drieluik' and I love this work. Apart from the very effective way the theme you chose has been conveyed, two things stand out to me here. One is the wooden box that is like a coffin, it is a very unusual way of presenting flowers and the combination is thought-provoking in itself. The second aspect is the way you have lit the stems so that they are reminiscent of neon lights. It has the effect of bright sunlight in what otherwise could have risked being a bit of a dreary scene.... It's a masterful piece and I like it very much, I can see that there is a lot to learn from you.
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"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." Dorothea Lange
11/06/09 5:17 PM GMT
You are obviously one accomplished photographer/artist. Your work is extraordinary and I very much look forward to seeing more of your posts. I love your interpretation of the stages of life, remarkable showing!
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Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. -Confucius
11/06/09 6:20 PM GMT
"....The flowers in every picture are the same. This is what happens in approximately one week....."

C'est la Vie :o)

Live your life, because this picture is telling me that born, live and die are the three(3) things we all do on this Earth.

Even the flowers are living this way.

Like this...a lot!

+favs for me.

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If you cant accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.
11/06/09 11:30 PM GMT
"On Transience" - Sigmund Freud

Translation by James Strachey

"Not long ago I went on a summer walk through a smiling countryside in the company of a taciturn friend and of a young but already famous poet. The poet admired the beauty of the scene around us but felt no joy in it. He was disturbed by the thought that all this beauty was fated to extinction, that it would vanish when winter came, like all human beauty and all the beauty and splendour that men have created or may create. All that he would otherwise have loved and admired seemed to him to be shorn of its worth by the transience which was its doom.

The proneness to decay of all that is beautiful and perfect can, as we know, give rise to two different impulses in the mind. The one leads to the aching despondency felt by the young poet, while the other leads to rebellion against the fact asserted. No! it is impossible that all this loveliness of Nature and Art, of the world of our sensations and of the world outside, will really fade away into nothing. It would be too senseless and too presumptuous to believe it. Somehow or other this loveliness must be able to persist and to escape all the powers of destruction.

But this demand for immortality is a product of our wishes too unmistakable to lay claim to reality: what is painful may none the less be true. I could not see my way to dispute the transience of all things, nor could I insist upon an exception in favour of what is beautiful and perfect. But I did dispute the pessimistic poet’s view that the transience of what is beautiful involves any loss in its worth.

On the contrary, an increase! Transience value is scarcity value in time. Limitation in the possibility of an enjoyment raises the value of the enjoyment. It was incomprehensible, I declared, that the thought of the transience of beauty should interfere with our joy in it. As regards the beauty of Nature, each time it is destroyed by winter it comes again next year, so that in relation to the length of our lives it can in fact be regarded as eternal. The beauty of the human form and face vanish for ever in the course of our own lives, but their evanescence only lends them a fresh charm. A flower that blossoms only for a single night does not seem to us on that account less lovely. Nor can I understand any better why the beauty and perfection of a work of art or of an intellectual achievement should lose its worth because of its temporal limitation. A time may indeed come when the pictures and statues which we admire to-day will crumble to dust, or a race of men may follow us who no longer understand the works of our poets and thinkers, or a geological epoch may even arrive when all animate life upon the earth ceases; but since the value of all this beauty and perfection is determined only by its significance for our own emotional lives, it has no need to survive us and is therefore independent of absolute duration."

Particularly enjoy the transience and almost sine wave-like appearance of the reflected luminous light, from left to right (this perspective). Adding in the subtle changes of colour gradation.

Really encourage your viewers to open your image here at the highest resolution. Not merely that of the fit for their displays. And have a look around ...

Quality is impeccable.

Concept is very well-executed and readily understood and apparent, upon first glance.

Even the choice of flower is most appropriate.

Thanks, yet again, for sharing your work with us, Evert. :o)

Annnnd ... +favs for me as well. Sort of a bookmark of sorts for me to come back and enjoy some more.

p.s. Excuse my 'wall of text' above. Seemed fitting to my mind, and I hope you don't mind.
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
11/07/09 8:05 AM GMT
You are an amazing photographer my friend! The sadness of the life of the flower touches me, how brief it is on this earth, and then is gone. The Bible speaks of us being as the Lilies in the field, here one day and gone the next. But on the other hand, we see the progression of the beauty and the waning of its life. You captured this in a most elequent way. I too like the way the 'light' is on the stems,as tho the sun is doing it. You have portrayed this artwork in a most special way. Thank you so very much. I learn from you in what you show us...Verena
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Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. -- Danny Kaye
11/07/09 10:29 AM GMT
Went back to this excellent post and enjoy Les' his 'wall of text' very much. That's art on its own to me.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my gallery. In the first case, please CLICK HERE to see my work!
11/07/09 10:38 AM GMT
I agree with Cornelius. Les reaction IS art. With regards to all of you, Evert van Kuik
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Torture Your Mind and Talent
11/07/09 3:58 PM GMT
Minder woorden nodig denk ik.. geniet hiervan! Mich
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11/07/09 4:28 PM GMT
~*~ «:::A:::» «:::W:::» «:::E:::» «:::S:::» «:::O:::» «:::M:::» «:::E:::» ~*~
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єvєrч dαч ís α gíft.....thαt ís whч ít ís cαllєd thє prєsєnt!
11/09/09 4:41 AM GMT
This pic is a story in itself. Its wonderful . It's amusing that you completed this assignment in a week for which you used same flowers. Faved.
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11/10/09 11:13 AM GMT
Beste Evert !
Laat ik beginnen te zeggen dat het idee van dit 'Kunstwerk'
grandioos vind. Zou het best wel een poosje als een soort van drieluik aan de muur van m'n kamer willen hangen !
Mijn vraag is echter, waarom wordt dit soort 'werk' zo
de hemel ingeprezen ?!
Is de belichting van de b.v de stengels nou echt zo
bijzonder mooi, en qua techniek zo uitzonderlijk dat men er lyrisch van wordt ?!
Met alle respect, het doet mij eerder denken aan een setje
T.L buizen die 'kunstig' zijn weg gewerkt in de stengels van de bloemen !
Dit zijn even wat simpele gedachten van een simpele
hobby fotograaf, maar ik wou je het toch graag even laten weten !
Groet !

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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...

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