Vector heart  

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Uploaded: 01/22/08 1:19 AM GMT
Vector heart
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made with shapes and Japanese Foliage Brush


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01/22/08 1:26 AM GMT
Nice work, can you speak Japanese while holding that brush?
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01/22/08 1:47 AM GMT
Great colors. Will make a very nice valentine. Good works Gabi.


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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
01/22/08 1:53 AM GMT
Such a fine one this is. I like the way it looks lit up in the backgroud of the image. Another fine job my friend. Excelllent really! Sandi♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
01/22/08 1:53 AM GMT
Very beautiful lines and swirls Gab! I believe this is my favorite heart image of yours yet. =)
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01/22/08 4:02 AM GMT
I love vector art ! Very cool image !
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01/22/08 4:26 AM GMT
Thanks for another great Valentine's wallpaper. I like Japenese foliage brush affect on this one. And I agree with tigger3 about the lighting. Looks great on my desktop.
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01/22/08 5:43 AM GMT
This reminds me of the pumpkin/coach in Cinderella with its trailing vines. Another great Valentine from you.
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01/22/08 9:43 AM GMT
Wow! Great vector composition here...Good job!
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01/22/08 11:45 AM GMT
Wonderful work with nice composition and great color!
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When you're through with life and all hope is lost. Hold out your hand 'cos friends will be friends - right till the end.
01/22/08 11:58 AM GMT
Fantastic work with Superb color and design..Love it
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01/22/08 12:20 AM GMT
ohh pretty and effective , i like the simple colorways! stands out in a crowd , good job.
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01/22/08 12:54 AM GMT
Very nice Valentines picture Gabriela. The black on red looks super.

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Imagine you are there
01/22/08 2:26 PM GMT
Oooo Very nice! This one reminds me of one of the fold out fans my grandmother used to have. Very nice indeed. :o)

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
01/22/08 7:23 PM GMT
Another wonderful Valentine creation!
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01/23/08 12:13 AM GMT
thanks for pouring out your hearts to us...

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01/23/08 12:15 AM GMT
An excellent piece of Vector Art. It's amazing how simple vector work can look, yet it can be highly intricate at the same time. And believe me, I know it's not that simple to do.
You've certainly got this form of Vector mastered. Well done.
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01/24/08 12:50 AM GMT
ooooooo! I love this one! Not long til Valentine's Day either! It would make a great e-card! Ha ha, I agree with what cynlee said :) You're very talented!
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01/24/08 6:11 AM GMT
~ Absolutely wonderful work...and thank you for all the great Valentine DT's you've been posting!
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01/24/08 8:32 PM GMT
Love this. Really pretty. Perfect for Valentines Day.
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01/25/08 8:46 PM GMT
Hello Gabriela....Beautiful artistic work from you..... The detail you achieved in the black design is amazing.....Well done....All the best...Mick.
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01/28/08 9:21 PM GMT
A beautiful, and very modern approach. This could be a tattoo design. I will have to fav. this and send it out to my sweethearts for Valentines day. ;)
Thanks for sharring.
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"Real vision is the ability to see the invisible" Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels
01/29/08 1:44 AM GMT
VERY nice! I love the swirls and stuff on the right. great work!
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01/29/08 4:24 AM GMT
very nice it...=D
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02/01/08 5:43 AM GMT
This is such a great desktop for Valentines Day. Your talent really shows in this one Gabriela.
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Never go to a doctor whose office plants have all died.
03/20/08 10:42 PM GMT
LOVE THIS! It's not Valentine's Day, but it's my background of the day. Very cool - thanks so much for sharing!!!
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As I'm quite a novice, I typically have no advise - but I know what I like!
08/26/08 4:17 PM GMT
It's thumbnail immediatelly caught my eye! Love this! Ilove the colors red and black! Faved!
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watatatatatata!!! XDXDXDXDXD

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