Shadows in the Louvre  

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Uploaded: 11/10/15 7:18 AM GMT
Shadows in the Louvre
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Paris, France


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11/10/15 2:33 PM GMT
The B/W combined with the shadows is most effective. Fantastico.
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11/10/15 11:10 PM GMT
A unique photo of a famous place.
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11/11/15 2:07 PM GMT
A beautiful shot with the highlights and shadows forming a lovely pattern. Good luck with the contest.
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11/11/15 5:29 PM GMT
Two for the price of one! The subtle shadows of what I assume is the pyramid (which means this is a late afternoon photo, since the pyramid is west of the museum) have a completely different character than the shadows and lines of the museum interior, allowing each to stand out from the other. I'm usually a judge and, after seeing the entries so far, I feel this one should place fairly high. Beautiful in black & white, so much more expressive than if it was in color. Great job and good luck with it.

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11/11/15 11:50 PM GMT
Terrific shot with the geometric patterns and lines!
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11/12/15 5:59 AM GMT
A high contender for the contest for sure:):) Love the shadows and lines here.
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11/12/15 4:24 PM GMT
You've captured some wonderful shadows in this image and the b&w treatment is wonderful.
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11/16/15 6:29 PM GMT
Thank you for this picture. I got to visit the Louvre, too short a visit, many years ago, and have always wished my group hadn't been whisked away for more "sight seeing" before I had got more than a distant view of the Mona Lisa or anything else. The black and white format here works wonderfully well with the lights and shadows. Lovely shot!
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11/16/15 7:12 PM GMT
Fantastic B/W for the contest - good luck. Really like all the different shadows falling against the walls coming from the glass pyramid dome from above. Brings back wonderful memories of the time I spent there taking in such spectacular art.
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11/17/15 1:34 AM GMT
Congrats on 2nd place in the contest!!!
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11/20/15 11:35 AM GMT
Congratulations on your contest placement !
This is quite an outstanding image. Nice to see such beauty without it being covered in tourists !
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