"Welcome to My Winter Wonderland"  

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Uploaded: 12/14/16 2:50 AM GMT
"Welcome to My Winter Wonderland"
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It definitely will be a White Christmas for us up here in Northern Ontario. Been doing my favorite activity outside called shoveling, Not :-) for the past 3 days, not a lot but want to keep ahead before it gets worse.

Captured this image 2016, 12-05 (Monday Morning) after we had a heavy 15cm/6in wet snow fall. When we went to bed the night before (Sunday) there was no snow and in 6 hours this is what we woke up to.

Taken on my favorite trail called the Hub Trail, just outside our front door. Wanted to go out and get pictures before the snow started falling off of the trees and turn to real slush.

Thought this would be a good B/W Challenge image. Please feel free and let me know what you think.

Boy this time of the season sure is very busy around here, don't know about you but running off of my feet. Hope to catch up on commenting tomorrow.

Have a Great Day, ♥ Skages


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12/14/16 3:18 AM GMT
Oh, yes.. we got the white stuff here, too, Pat. And about the same amount as you.

And my area is looking at -20C temperatures with more snow squalls on the way over the next day or so.

The upside, though.. is much like your image here.. the landscape does look nice covered in a pristine layer of snow.

Like how you composed this one.


But, of course.. thanks for sharing this look through your lens with us.
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12/14/16 8:41 AM GMT
I bit too cold for me, but it's lovely and romantic. Good luck, my friend.
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12/14/16 8:58 AM GMT
Nice and festive and over your side of the pond which is a plus :) ....R.
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I wish I was a Glow Worm, a Glow Worm's never glum, 'cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?
12/14/16 11:44 AM GMT
See that the gallery is still 'landscape', Pat. Please don't forget to change it into 'contest- B/W challenge'.
Wonderful entry, my friend. See by it that you're still have to do a lot of shoveling, ☺ .
Thanks for this splendid contribution, my friend.
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12/14/16 12:32 AM GMT
I know that you really don't mean "wonderland" Pat because of the work the "white stuff" brings with it :) Lovely well composed winter scene.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
12/14/16 1:40 PM GMT
Good lead in to this cold image, and a fine challenge entry.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/14/16 4:42 PM GMT
Beautiful photo and great challenge piece too.
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12/14/16 6:53 PM GMT
Beautiful winter scene and very well composed

Favs for me :)
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Carpe Diem!
12/14/16 8:10 PM GMT
Works great for the B&W Pat and a good winter scene with a nice lead-in
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. . . Earth laughs in flowers! Ralph Waldo Emerson
12/14/16 10:33 PM GMT
I like this a lot , fine photo Pat. Fav.
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12/15/16 3:32 AM GMT
That's a good bit of snow....but the view is beautiful! The diagonal angle on the bridge works really well.
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12/18/16 12:06 AM GMT
Please keep that white stuff up where you are. It is pretty but what a mess. Your image is beautifully done. Sure goes with the season.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.

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