"Flooding Mississippi River 1"  

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Uploaded: 05/10/19 2:25 PM GMT
"Flooding Mississippi River 1"
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Hi Folks, Well I'm in Missouri visiting my sister-in-law in Winfield and this is what is happening close to her home.

Captured this 2019, 06-06 (Monday AM) of the flooding Mississippi River. She sure is over flowing the levees and coming right up to highway 79. The levees in Winfield, MO are still holding thank goodness.

Just thought you'd like to see what's happening in this part of the world USA.

Will try to look at all the many images my friends have posted, but may not comment on all. Hope you don't mind. While visiting my sister-in-law I want to spend time with her and not my computer, family 1st.

Thank you for your patience & friendships plus taking the time out to view this image. Enjoy.

Have a great day, ♥ Skates


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05/10/19 2:53 PM GMT
Hope everyone made it to safety. Mother Nature constantly reminding us no how hard we plan, she's the boss.
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05/10/19 4:17 PM GMT
That is to close for comfort I'd say. Around my home in Nebraska we have the same flooding. It has destroyed so much farm land. Praying for dry weather there.
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05/10/19 5:13 PM GMT
The result of all that snow melting I suppose. All the same the scene looks lovely with the trees in front and back and the grassy part to the right.
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05/10/19 5:17 PM GMT
I've been through Winfield, but it has been some time ago Skates.
It has been a wet, cool spring.
Hopefully, the flooding will subside before long.
Good shot of a tragic situation.


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05/10/19 6:01 PM GMT
Such a terrible thing to deal with, so many all over have had such awful weather. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/10/19 6:19 PM GMT
The weather all over the U.S. Has been so extreme - we've had our share of rain too - come Friday and we get rain...again - today marks the 13th Friday in a row that it has rained - strange weather pattern to be sure - Thanks for sharing Pat - Enjoy your visit - Hope hubby feeling better:-):-):-):-):-)
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05/10/19 7:53 PM GMT
We've had 7" of rain in the last week at O'Hare in this area Pat so I know how bad the flooding is. Good shot - don't worry about commenting enjoy your family.
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05/10/19 8:00 PM GMT
Yes, as tragic as it is, the mighty Mississip has done this many times over the ages. I hope all remain safe including you and yours of course. And how dare you place family over Caedes? LOL! I hope you have a stellar visit.
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05/11/19 1:11 AM GMT
An interesting but sad look at what's happening...flooding in parts of Quebec and the Muskoka region need to worry about how much commenting you do, comes first...meantime, a good capture here...enjoy your visit.
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05/11/19 10:30 AM GMT
---The levees in Winfield, MO are still holding thank goodness---

Hope too that they will hold, Pat. I still remember very well what has happened in my childhood days when the levees/embankments broke in my area: more than 1,800 people were drowned. A tragedy that I never will forget!

Be glad that you still were able to provide us with this very good, actual, and impressive shot. If the situation was even worse, you had been evacuated, my friend!
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05/11/19 5:23 PM GMT
Here in Iowa we have more than our fair share of scenes like both your posts. One of my favorite photo spots is the water outlet of Saylorville dam. When the lake is at flood stage and the outlet is wide open the birds congregate there to fish. Most of my Pelican, Heron and Gull pictures are shot there.
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05/16/19 10:20 PM GMT
That is a whole lot of water. I feel sorry for them. Hope you had a great visit, Pat.
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