Late Summer Rhubarb  

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Uploaded: 09/04/09 8:42 PM GMT
Late Summer Rhubarb
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To test how Caedes works, I took this photo with my iPhone. No, it isn't remotely near the quality of the meanest photo by anyone else here.


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09/04/09 8:44 PM GMT
I'm going to make rhubarb pie tonight.
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The Earth laughs with flowers. ~RW Emerson
09/04/09 8:46 PM GMT
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09/05/09 1:34 AM GMT
illiamna, what a fascinating original post. I like how the light darkens as you proceed down to the bottom of the shot. This is a wonderful first post and I look forward to seeing all of your future efforts.
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09/05/09 11:18 AM GMT
I like this too. The leaf so close and the colour change on it did great for your cell phone. It's amazing how they work pretty well. I look forward too for your next photo post. Welcome to caedes! Verena
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09/06/09 3:04 AM GMT
Looks pretty sharp and clear to me! Great shot, especially with a phone! Welcome to Caedes as well.
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09/06/09 5:09 AM GMT
What a surprise! I didn't expect any notice, much less any comments. Thank you, all, for the encouraging words.
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The Earth laughs with flowers. ~RW Emerson
09/07/09 3:01 PM GMT
A good shot with a phone. I can only imagine how good you will be with a camera.


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