Going Shopping  

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Uploaded: 12/19/18 10:51 PM GMT
Going Shopping
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Going Christmas shopping that is on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, NJ. Every weekend during the month of December free carriage rides are offered to Christmas shoppers along the shopping district from 12 noon until 3:00 p.m. - My shopping is almost done - how ya doing with yours - Kindly Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


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12/19/18 11:01 PM GMT
What a wonderful way to Christmas shop, good one Laura. I'm done with my shopping! :)
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12/19/18 11:17 PM GMT
Great way to travel....R.
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12/20/18 10:23 AM GMT
Lovely scene, perfectly captured by you, Laura!
I've almost done my Christmas shopping as well, but for buying the remaining things, Ocean City is too far for to me to use this excellent opportunity.
I envy you, ☺ !
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12/20/18 4:02 PM GMT
What a clever way to encourage hometown shopping. I myself am an avid online shopper and have been for a very long time.
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12/20/18 8:34 PM GMT
My sweet wife does most of the shopping and she says she is almost done. :) As for me, I think I am finished. Have the horse and wagon pick me up. Good photo Laura.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
12/20/18 9:31 PM GMT
What a nice service to the shoppers! A great capture as well Laura!
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12/21/18 8:58 PM GMT
Now that to me is a super way to go shopping. Love the horse and carriage - super action, detail and lighting
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