Glory B  

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Uploaded: 06/22/06 9:43 PM GMT
Glory B
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Apop. Photofiltre. This is a fun one that I thought just looked purdy. Hence the name. Hope you like it. John


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06/22/06 10:03 PM GMT
I like the smooth look to it, as always the gradient you chose is perfect! Excellent work John, keep it up!
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Joga Bonito Check this out!
06/22/06 10:11 PM GMT
Real cool, well Done!! Into my favorites it goes....thank you
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06/22/06 10:27 PM GMT
OK, OK, now the color on this one is just rockin' my world dude!! Totally awesome!!

Great overall flame, fit 'n' flow!! Splendid as a desktop wallpaper!!
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06/22/06 10:49 PM GMT
Fantabulous flame John!
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06/22/06 10:54 PM GMT
Real purdy partner. That yellow orange shade is gorgeous.
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06/23/06 12:07 AM GMT
Oooooh, I love this. It reminds me of a campfire when you take a a piece of copper tubing & put it in a chunk of garden hose, throw it in the fire, & the flames turn all kinds of purdy colors. Don't ask my why, it just does. A super flame with fantastic flowing colors. Excellent!!!!
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06/23/06 12:27 AM GMT
Wonderful colourful smokey flame... very well done.. it really is purdy =)
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06/23/06 1:46 AM GMT
My first thought was colored smoke as well! This is so soft and ethereal!! Love the seems as if it would float up to the ceiling...and drift there.
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Magic is everywhere..........~
06/23/06 2:04 AM GMT
Very very beautiful, wow. The color choice is perfect, as well as the 'composition'.
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06/23/06 2:16 AM GMT
These colors are so scrumptious together! There is a lot of light too. This is very pretty, John!
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06/23/06 2:55 AM GMT
Very purdy John! Great gradient and soft,wispy swirls..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
06/23/06 3:01 AM GMT
Okay, this looks alive! Nice smooth feel to it as well. Super creation John!
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06/23/06 3:24 AM GMT
Like campfire flames licking against an autumn night sky ....beautiful John !
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06/23/06 3:57 AM GMT
You know that yours works are really cool, and all the hings that you make i admire!! Make better and better day after day!!! and don't surrender!
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06/23/06 6:04 PM GMT
OH MY GOODNESS THE CHIPS.....hehe. I love this design its a firey one. you can almost feel the heat that is being generated from it. Great depth and excellent choice of colours for this awesome design.
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06/24/06 1:01 AM GMT
You're right John. The soft swirls and delicate shades, are purdy.
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06/25/06 9:22 AM GMT
Magnificient, John!! ......V
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I have a simple formula; do your best and somebody might like it.
07/06/06 5:57 PM GMT
I've missed this one somehow! You can go round for ages with New Images - and never see them all! I bet this one sort of jumped at you and it was well worth saving! It makes me think os Phoenix in transition? Just "cooling" down? Any which way - it is lovely...
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08/13/06 3:07 AM GMT
I love it! excellent...
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10/13/06 6:11 AM GMT
Beautiful work. Great colors and wonderful flow. In my list of favorites now!!
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11/13/06 1:14 PM GMT
Love the choice of colours and depth - wonderful :-)
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"Love does not dominate; it cultivates." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
03/14/07 6:34 PM GMT
Love it!! Colors are beautiful, like smoke manipulated with a spectrum of hues. Great work!
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07/04/07 12:56 AM GMT
Very cool! Into my favs...:)
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09/22/07 6:38 AM GMT
MAGNIFICANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome colors!!!!!!!!!
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10/09/07 4:33 PM GMT
As soon as I laid eyes on it...I knew it was yours. Favs. Very pretty. I love the way it flows. ~Sarah :)
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07/27/08 10:45 PM GMT
awesome man
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07/27/08 10:45 PM GMT
awesome man
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09/18/08 5:59 PM GMT
I've seen this a hundred times and it has always been one of my favorites. Just plain wonderful:):):):) Bruce B.
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