My Brother's Painting  

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Uploaded: 07/03/17 7:19 AM GMT
My Brother's Painting
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The artist is my brother, Vasko Tashkovski, one of the best known Macedonian painters. I hope you'll like it.


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07/03/17 7:26 AM GMT
I remember some other ones from before Milka. This one is done very nicely too. Your brother is an excellent artist I must say.
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07/03/17 9:37 AM GMT
Splendid artwork, Milka! Your brother is a great artist!!!
My thanks go to both of you: your brother for allowing you to post an image of his stunning painting, and for you to share it with us!
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07/03/17 11:44 AM GMT
I really do like it Milka...I think this would be great on canvas too..

A very talented chap, your brother is!..
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07/03/17 12:12 AM GMT
A wonderful example of surrealism Milka. Thank you for sharing your very talented brother's painting with us.
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07/03/17 12:52 AM GMT
Wonderful creative and imaginative artwork!
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07/03/17 4:05 PM GMT
Well it is clear that talent runs in your family, Milka! You and your brother are both artistically gifted.

I was so enamored of your brother's style and painting, above, that I looked him up online and intend on buying some prints of his incredible work.

Thank you for sharing! :)

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07/03/17 4:38 PM GMT
Milka, Thanks for sharing his impressive art work, I looked him up on google, and he sure has an excellent gallery! I agree with Lisa, talent runs in your family. I'm trying to decide on making a purchase. tigs=^..^=
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07/03/17 11:53 PM GMT
You have a very talented brother, you must be proud, this is a terrific work. Thanks for sharing.
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07/04/17 2:25 AM GMT
Your brother is very talented and you did quite an exceptional job of capturing it.
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07/10/17 11:49 PM GMT
He has great talent and really like the colours and view
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