We Are Patient  

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Uploaded: 01/26/22 10:23 AM GMT
We Are Patient
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Yes, we are patient and waiting for the spring, to warm a bit after these temperatures below zero. The little fisherman's village Peshtani, Lake Ohrid, with its boats. Thanks for your comments.


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01/26/22 1:53 PM GMT
Milka, this very well take capture makes us desire for the spring indeed. A very inviting environment. Because we're still in January our patience will be tested quite a bit, but in the Northern Hemisphere we are now on the right side of the calendar because the days are already noticeably longer.
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01/26/22 3:39 PM GMT
YEs, it looks like you are ready to go and get out on that beautiful water. Hope it comes soon for you. We have a long way to go before we get rid of the snow and let Spring in. Lovely shot.
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01/26/22 4:17 PM GMT
Milka, not sure of that boat with the name, "bane 2" is the name of the owner or an owner with a sense of humor.

Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of the the word:

Middle English, killer, agent of death, death, going back to Old English bana killer, agent of death, going back to Germanic *banan‐ (whence also Old Frisian bana, bona killer, Old High German bano killer, murderer, Old Norse bani murderer, violent death, of uncertain origin
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01/26/22 4:54 PM GMT
NIcely done Milka! Good composition, good color, and I like the moody sky! tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/26/22 8:15 PM GMT
Beautifully shot on the lake Milka - Also, in my area, we are awaiting the arrival of spring as we are having a very cold winter and when the weather begins to get warmer, we will welcome it with open arms!!!!!!!!!!!
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01/26/22 9:22 PM GMT
John, Bane is a nickname for Branko, Branislav, we have that name very often. Not everybody names their boats after female names. :)))
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01/26/22 11:41 PM GMT
Zero! Below zero!! It's all the same to me Milka.....brrrrrr:):) But we will appreciate spring more if we tolerate and wait for winter to subside:) Beautiful shoreline image:)
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01/27/22 3:47 PM GMT
Since it was 6 below zero here yesterday morning I greatly appreciate this warming and colorful shot Milka!
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The Amen of nature is always a flower .... Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
01/29/22 7:59 AM GMT
Nice landscape view....Bijan 29/01/2022
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02/04/22 6:26 PM GMT
Lovely scene with depth and great colours
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