Polyommatus icarus  

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Uploaded: 07/26/06 12:10 AM GMT
Polyommatus icarus
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07/26/06 2:43 PM GMT
Ooooh, he could use a brushing, couldn't he? You can see all the furry little hairs on this little Polyommatus.LOL Very beautiful macro.
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07/26/06 3:03 PM GMT
Wow Kristof this is magnificant and the colors are just gorgeous. Like Cindy said, he is a little furry isn't he. What a great macro you've brought us here. Thanks for sharing it. Anita
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07/26/06 3:41 PM GMT
Excellent picture. The detail in this is fabulous.
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07/26/06 4:56 PM GMT
Great macro and excellent coloring on this little guy. well done Kristof...Bill
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07/26/06 4:58 PM GMT
Stunning, simply stunning!! The detail is first rate. For the Latin challenged among us, could you include the common name?:)
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More does not always equal better!
07/26/06 5:24 PM GMT
Kristof my friend, looking at your butterfly collection I have a feeling you must have visited my neighbourhood, lol. And these are rather pretty small. But what I adore most about the photo are saturated colors.
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07/26/06 5:45 PM GMT
wow this is beautiful! i love that frosty blue color. it actually looks like he is frozen. the angle you have is perfect in my opinion. a truly great shot! ~abby
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07/26/06 5:47 PM GMT
I love the shapes formed in the background by the dof, in addition to the beautifully positioned and focused butterfly. Very nice, Kristof! - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
07/26/06 8:02 PM GMT
This shot has amazing detail. It's a bit blown out in the highlights but not enough to ruin the shot. Gorgeous color on this guy and it has good contrast. Well done. anne :-)
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Don't tell me it's good, tell me what is good about it. Don't tell me it stinks, tell me what I can do do improve it. Thank you for taking the time to tell me anything at all. Be blessed. anne :-)
07/26/06 8:05 PM GMT
Sharp and great colors! I love the simularity with the V in the background. Great compo Kristof, thanks, Wim
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07/26/06 10:00 PM GMT
Just beautiful. I am sure you spend a lot of time finding your subject matter for your photo's and I appreciate that fact and the fact that you are sharing these images.
Excellent work THANKS
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07/26/06 10:22 PM GMT
The texture on the butterfly's wing is amazing. Looks like a furry tapestry. hank you for shring.
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07/26/06 10:24 PM GMT
Great capture Kristoff. Don't think I have seen one this color of blue. It is beautiful. You really captured that outboard antenna. The butterfly's pose is nice also. Great work.
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07/26/06 10:54 PM GMT
Such an unusual find. Beautiful butterfly and great job capturing it.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
07/27/06 12:04 AM GMT
A great sharp macro image. Very well done.
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07/27/06 6:11 AM GMT
My God, that's a furry little bugger, isn't it?
Great macro, man!
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07/27/06 7:50 AM GMT
what a beauty! Great shot.
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07/27/06 8:50 AM GMT
Such a furry looking little fellow and great colors as well. Added to my favs. Great capture, Kristof!
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07/29/06 11:15 AM GMT
thx all for the comments.
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07/31/06 1:58 AM GMT
Beautiful creature and a beautiful capture - very well done -

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07/31/06 2:05 AM GMT
one of the best butterfly images I have seen .. I just know you giggled like a little girl when you captured this
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07/31/06 10:40 PM GMT
LOL at Kiefer { sorry!}
You are just sooooo right at the very top of my FAVE photographers ever! Another stunning work! Congratulations!
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08/02/06 6:51 AM GMT
Whata great shot. Now I wish I could do that. Excellent work.
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08/03/06 5:30 AM GMT
I really want to leave an intelligent comment but the girly girl part of my brain keeps spewing "Awwww, it's soooo fuzzy!" Sorry 'bout that...
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08/16/06 11:13 PM GMT
wow such a nice picture the blueish color really got my attention
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08/23/06 11:29 PM GMT
That is a very beautiful butterfly....
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10/17/06 12:37 AM GMT
wow that is really fab shot! I first moment i guess that is negative ! Fab colors :)
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10/31/06 11:43 PM GMT
I took a picture of a gossamer winged guy that looked quite a bit like this, the coral hairstreak, though I'd say you've beat me quite handily in the detail department.
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07/20/07 2:54 PM GMT
It looks like a picture directly taken out a fairy tale. I love it. Bravo ! (once again ;))
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09/21/07 5:57 PM GMT
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This is like deja vu all over again~~~~~ Yogi Berra
02/07/08 4:43 AM GMT
very beautiful and cool
thank you ;-)
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03/21/08 6:04 PM GMT
what an extraordinary creature this is! You have done a wonderful job capturing it's beauty! I hope to see more of him, or other butterflies!

~Emily :)
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Apocolocynposis: The fear of turning into a pumpkin. :)
08/21/08 5:20 PM GMT
What an amazing picture! This butterfly is beautiful. Excellent shot! I love the colors and the clarity. 10/10.
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12/06/09 9:36 PM GMT
great close up shot.
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oh no

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