Praying Mantis  

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Uploaded: 08/20/10 2:20 AM GMT
Praying Mantis
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Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. Watering gardens this afternoon, I found a new friend among some of the black-eyed susans. He appears to be ready to play the piano, turning to me asking for requests. Actually, he was quite fascinated with my photographing him with a macro lens. Enjoy!


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08/20/10 2:24 AM GMT
He doesn't resemble Billy Joel at all. Must be someone else. LOL. You have captured this perfectly, Thad. Outstanding close up.
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08/20/10 2:26 AM GMT
What an amazing macro. I love these guys, they are so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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You are only given one life make the most of it for God and others around you.
08/20/10 2:28 AM GMT
Thad you have accomplished my dream shot. A great capture of the most interesting insect in the whole world. The greatest detailed and colorful shot of a praying mantis I have ever seen.
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08/20/10 2:31 AM GMT
When I was a kid, I kept one as a pet and named him Slider, after the Cleveland Indians Mascot.. Good times.. :)
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Many people will walk in and out of your life,but true friends will leave footprints in your heart. You'll ways be in my heart Carissa and Rouski
08/20/10 2:49 AM GMT
Be careful or he will be asking you to donate for his missionary, new temple and kids without ipods.
This is as good as it gets Thad.
You hit the jackpot tonight with your posts.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
08/20/10 2:50 AM GMT
Great job! I can see every detail of his face. And I find these insects most fascinating and one of the few that I don't have the urge to swat.
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08/20/10 5:03 AM GMT
Superb close up on this guy! you really can see some real details!Love the background colors as well.
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"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes."
08/20/10 6:47 AM GMT
A fantastic close-up capture, Thad. Great details, DOF and colours. Very nicely done.
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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. - Scott Adams
08/20/10 7:34 AM GMT
OMG...this is great, the soft colors and the clarity are amazing and I always like the expression on their faces of these animals...kind of, sort of...funny :o)
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Carpe Diem!
08/20/10 8:45 AM GMT
Wonderful shot Thad! The clarity on the praying mantis is superb and the colourful background brings the insect out beautifully.
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
08/20/10 11:01 AM GMT
Wonderful macro, Thad.

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Be free - use Linux
08/20/10 12:38 AM GMT
He way praying for a fine photographer to come along.

Fantastic shot Thad.
They don't get better than this
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
08/20/10 12:59 AM GMT
Love finding these in the gardens. This one certainly knew you were there too. Fine shot.

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
08/20/10 2:05 PM GMT
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
08/20/10 2:43 PM GMT
Terrific image, great close-up with fine details. Do you think he could see you?
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08/20/10 4:45 PM GMT


Your photo is unique Thad! Fantastic presentation, and the golden is really a high point, super well done, congratulations!
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Susie Sun
08/20/10 5:08 PM GMT
I have never seen as clear and detailed a bug shot as this one Thad - should be in National Geographic!
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. . . "What a desolate place would be a world without a flower! It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome." A.J. Balfour
08/20/10 9:44 PM GMT
Magnificent macro,Thad..Fantastic detail,colors and light.
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08/20/10 10:06 PM GMT
What fascinating insects they are! He is even posing for you Thad! Amazing capture!
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08/21/10 2:10 AM GMT
Jes Thad, what a shot! We should have an insect contest and grandfather this one in!
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08/21/10 5:22 AM GMT

It's a rare opportunity when I get a shot in the VB and then find out it belongs to a Caedes friend. I gave this a 9, which is about as high as I go in the VB. The shot rated high scores not only because of the perfect focus, but because I was wow'd by the background colors.

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"I ask you...Just what exactly is the difference between a duck?" -Morris Code
08/23/10 9:07 PM GMT
Thais one outstanding close up, and brilliant colors and detail as well.
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08/25/10 2:10 AM GMT
Gorgeous! So nice of him to sit still for you to get his portrait ;)
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People aren't going to remember the things you do. They're going to remember how you made people feel. Be kind, gracious, and appreciative. Dan Winters - Photographer.
08/25/10 7:09 AM GMT
What a great shot of this predatory insect! It's almost like she is posing for you. I shall not mention what photographic parts I like in this, since I like them all. This is really a great shot.
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"We, the Dreamers, are thus alike. For our dreams we will fight, and we'll write the future history less bloody than the past, with our dreams we'll build a peace to last!" -Hukka
08/26/10 5:33 PM GMT
Lol! Your narrative fits this little guy perfectly! Good focus!
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Revan Delkaoth - Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good to them that love God and to them who are the called according to His purpose."
08/28/10 4:07 AM GMT
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Life is precious; therefore, do not waste it by doing things mechanically without love. We should try to put love into everything we do. - Amma
08/28/10 2:15 PM GMT
He looks so much like the way we envision space aliens that I expect him to be saying "Take me to your leader." Macros of this quality are extremely rare.
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
08/28/10 4:10 PM GMT

yes, I was shouting just a second ago...

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
08/29/10 3:34 AM GMT
Incredible image! Great work on this very interesting subject. The background colors are fantastic too!
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08/30/10 3:53 PM GMT
Fantastic!! :DD
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07/26/11 12:27 AM GMT
Really nice work.
Thanks for sharing.
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03/05/17 3:04 AM GMT
Beautiful creature! My new background!
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Good times

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