Mossy tree stump  

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Uploaded: 05/31/21 5:40 PM GMT
Mossy tree stump
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... with a sunny halo on top 😇


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05/31/21 5:42 PM GMT
Such a beautiful picture..and I am in love with moss...the soft freshness of the forest, gets along so well with old rocks and stumps, is a friend to everyone....the light is terrific....
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05/31/21 6:21 PM GMT
Normally I am not a fan of sunbursts in photos, but in this case I feel it adds an additional element of reality, as seen by the human eye, and the faint rainbow effect that is being generated by it makes it even better, something I rarely see in a sunburst. The graceful greenery on and surrounding the stump is quite pleasing as well.

Happy Trails

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