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all about cooling off


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01/16/08 4:20 PM GMT
Hi Steven,

I love this image, both from a creative point and a storytelling point. It speaks to summer and the joy of being free to enjoy a simple pleasure in a very clear simple & yet focused manner.

The contrast of the detail between the shooting water and the flowing water is well captured, and the angle of the legs indicates a looseness and relaxation which translates to that simple pleasure. Perhaps I appreciate this more as a city-bred QA, because I know and have participated in this scene many times. 8)

P.S. You might think about entering it in the current "Urban Life" contest

P.P.S. For other viewers - stunning @ full size. The only way to view it.
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01/16/08 4:27 PM GMT
Cool image, well done.
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01/16/08 6:44 PM GMT
very creative Steven, like it:)
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laughter is the best medicine.
01/17/08 5:56 PM GMT
Creative and Fascinating..Love it
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01/19/08 12:44 AM GMT
Exellent My friend and Good luck in the contest.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
01/25/08 10:32 PM GMT
i'll betcha this means somethin'
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02/03/08 1:20 PM GMT
Somehow I missed this one, Steven. I love it! Great perspective and I love the water in this one.
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02/07/08 11:47 AM GMT
TOTALLY LOVE IT! I am late seeing many and this is fantastic! Very artsy!
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03/01/08 4:26 PM GMT
Congrats for the win!! This is quite cool and i can see why it won most creative!!!
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Angelle "because reality isn't nearly as fun."
03/03/08 6:13 AM GMT
It's an odd thing, but I can feel the heat from this one, and yet it cools ya too. And I agree, the relaxed stance is super!
Very nice work here Steven! Verena
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Feel the calmness on a quiet sunny day.
06/11/09 5:41 PM GMT
Very expressive!!!
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