Bottoms Up  

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Uploaded: 03/14/15 3:06 PM GMT
Bottoms Up
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These are stacked wine bottles from my recent visit to a local winery. The cellar was rather dark so I applied a little Topaz Glow. My entry for the circles contest. Thank you for looking and leaving a comment.


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03/14/15 3:11 PM GMT
This would make a great entry!...

Circles galore here....good presentation..and a must to be the winners section!
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03/14/15 3:25 PM GMT
Doug, I was told that keeping the wine in the optimal condition, the bottles should be rotated half a turn once every six months, so keeping the cellar owner busy, lol.

Think you have provided us sufficient 'circles' for the contest now, lol.

Good Luck with it.
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03/14/15 3:30 PM GMT
The glow you applied to the bottles seems to have been applied to you as well Gibbs.
Great entry.


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03/14/15 3:34 PM GMT
Both big and little circles Doug - another great entry from you.
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03/14/15 4:24 PM GMT
Excellent shot Doug good luck in the contest.
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03/14/15 4:29 PM GMT
Their is a lot of hangovers in this image, Nice shot Doug.
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03/14/15 4:56 PM GMT
There is a slight slant on this capture was you sampling the wine lol.Very fitting capture for the contest with nice sharp detail light and compstion too.
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03/14/15 5:08 PM GMT
I bet the tour of the place was great. I hope they sampled you with the varieties.
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03/14/15 5:24 PM GMT
Great idea and a good entry for the contest Doug. That is a lot of circles there. Good luck
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03/14/15 6:17 PM GMT
The bottles are circles and after drinking the contents, you will too will be walking around in circles. LOL!!! Nice shot Doug - Good Luck in the contest!!!
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03/14/15 7:21 PM GMT
Doug, you're playing tricks with our eyes...were there really that many bottles or were you seeing double after one too many samples, lol...just kidding...great idea for the contest and best of luck.
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03/14/15 8:00 PM GMT
Yes, such tricks are both unfair and indecent for any decent hardworking Polish teetotaller LOL
Quite an effect here, dearest Doug, seriously.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
03/15/15 12:03 AM GMT
I think I have had too much to drink! Lol! Interesting idea,and a good one for the contest. tigs=^..^=
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03/15/15 4:49 PM GMT
Very creative shot for the contest, Doug. Any Mogen David in there? lol.
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03/16/15 1:17 PM GMT
A super idea well executed for the contest Doug. Circles circles everywhere - and quite a drop to drink :)

Good luck in the contest, a fine contender.
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03/16/15 8:20 PM GMT
That certainly is a lot of bottles Doug. Great entry - Good Luck.
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Life is a Constant Audition
03/16/15 10:03 PM GMT
Great idea. I really like repetitious patterns. I will drink to your idea.
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03/19/15 2:16 AM GMT
I hope the shelves are reinforced, it would be a shame if all those bottles came crashing down. Nice symmetry in the image. Best of luck in the contest.
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03/23/15 8:49 PM GMT
Brilliant shot and love that treatment, now that would be a lot of bottoms up, lol.
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03/25/15 10:19 AM GMT
I will drink to this.

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