The Itsy-Bitsy........HUH?????  

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Uploaded: 06/11/11 1:17 PM GMT
The Itsy-Bitsy........HUH?????
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Wait a minute! Your no Spider, Your an imposter! Two legs short of being a Spider and those antenna are a dead giveaway. Your just another mutant alien critter sent to destroy my garden. --Kinda creepy but my contest entry--


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06/11/11 3:33 PM GMT
It looks like it has been dipped in flour and ready for the deep fryer Huck. I didn't know they were tasty. Good contest entry.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
06/11/11 9:22 PM GMT
An Itsy-Bitsy that you will find only in Florida Ed. It is quite an interesting creature though. Nice capture.
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
06/11/11 9:24 PM GMT
It looks to me like it has been crawling around in the ashes of a fireplace. What in tarnation is that thing, anyway? A spider wannabe? Fantastic detail in that hing whatever it is. Nice shot, Ed. Good luck in the contest.
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06/11/11 10:51 PM GMT
I've no idea of what it is Ed all I can say is that is a excellent macro shot.
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06/12/11 12:20 AM GMT
Some kind of assassin bug? If so they are actually a boon to your garden as they eat other plant eating pests. Nice capture of him, maybe more "minimalist" if you had been able to crop out the background changes in those two corners.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
06/12/11 12:42 AM GMT
Excellent detail and clarity on this funny looking bug. Gave it a high score Ed, he definitely is spooky looking.
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06/12/11 3:45 AM GMT
I've never seen a bug like this before. Excellent detail & best of luck in the contest, Ed.
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"Packers Rock!"
06/12/11 7:01 AM GMT
I cant tell if this is a very close up macro of a massive big hairy bug! **shudders** I hate big hairy buts however you have captured it very well. The one colour background makes it stand out really well and you can almost count the hairs on its back! Nice job, good luck in the contest :)
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He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom i trust". Psalm 91: 1 and 2
06/12/11 8:59 AM GMT
A very good one to print out, and hang on the wall.
Will prevent my wife from snoring, Ed, LOL!!!
'Nice' bug (please notice the inverted comma's), but not in our garden!
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image/work or to say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
06/12/11 3:48 PM GMT
No arachnid there. He sure does look alien though. Must have come in on a boat. He looks actually like he would blend in with a piece of graying wood. Great closeup on him, Ed.
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You only live once. OR MAYBE NOT!
06/12/11 4:41 PM GMT
A good entry, and too much detail in this one, Lol! It is a creepy alright. :) Tigs♥ =^..^=

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/13/11 11:46 AM GMT
I don't love creepy critter very often, but... This one is a stand out on the green textures. An interesting specimen that I don't know!
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