a step to the left  

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Uploaded: 02/21/04 7:42 AM GMT
a step to the left
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Thanks to caedes for inspiration re contours, I had the courage to have a go myself. And I do like purple...


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02/21/04 8:40 AM GMT
Very nice work,and beautifil colors.Well done Mum42.
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carpe diem.
02/21/04 11:16 AM GMT
Have you been putting blueberries in the zebra feed again?! Very nice work mum42, good to see those tutes are already having a positive effect.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/21/04 11:25 AM GMT
Nicely done.
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02/21/04 11:51 AM GMT
Good work. I love these colours. Nice concept and well executed.
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02/21/04 3:17 PM GMT
Very nice 3D effect...keep it up !
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nil magnum nisi bonum
02/21/04 3:47 PM GMT
This is excellent and the colors are beautiful. Not only is it a D10F for me, but it brings back one of the few happier memories of WWII. :D
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/21/04 11:08 PM GMT
i reckon this is your best one yet. keep up the good effort! 10/10
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life is not a rehearsal
02/21/04 11:25 PM GMT
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never give up
02/22/04 12:07 AM GMT
Cool, this one is good. This is the stuff I like, totally original. Higher res would help tho.
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- |\/|c]{inleySh -
02/22/04 12:18 AM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment.

Re res: OK - I realised it wasn't high enough but decided to submit as a response to the tutorial caedes put up (see discussion board "tutorials") to show what an amateur could do in about 1 hour, from what caedes suggested. One of the probs I had was learning about increasing res from the start with a PSD doc. see discussion.
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never give up
02/22/04 6:33 AM GMT
I thought it was just a jump to the left....and then a step to the right. <kidding>
Anyways, this is cool. Maybe I should read some of those tutorials.
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02/22/04 8:52 AM GMT
AAArgh - I knew I should have checked that! That's what I should have entitled it!!!! Thanks for commenting anyway, number7.
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never give up
02/23/04 5:31 AM GMT
Extremely cool image!
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02/23/04 8:18 AM GMT
WOW! This is really good! I love the contouring lines that really draw your eye around the piece and the colours are nice too! Good work Mum42!
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A thing is not beautiful because it is is beautiful because one likes it. (Bruno Munari)
02/25/04 12:03 AM GMT
You have used my favorite colors in this image. It totally caught my eye. I also really like the varying light to dark colors in this image(sorry wasn't quite sure how else to word it).
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02/25/04 5:58 AM GMT
Thanks, Winnter.
The tonal variations came from using Caedes' tutorial on layers, and afterwards selecting the contour layer, then Layer Style>Blending options>Styles>blue glass. Fairly easy...(now the magic is gone though, I guess!)
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never give up
03/10/04 11:57 PM GMT
I have done a few more of these, if you are interested ...
Oil Spill 2
Chocolate and Caramel Fantasy
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never give up
03/11/04 4:50 AM GMT
This is a pretty nice picture,good job
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03/12/04 4:28 PM GMT
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03/12/04 10:58 PM GMT
Thanks tbob and ishmaelX
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never give up
04/06/04 5:07 PM GMT
Muy buen trabajo!!

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05/23/04 10:28 PM GMT
Very groovy (he he he)
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08/31/05 3:20 PM GMT
yes, very groooovy baby. . .awesome job, i do like the light blue, it really looks good,.
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All I want to know is who the man is that looked at a cow and said "I think Iíll drink from whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them
08/31/07 1:18 AM GMT
very nice work! :)
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09/07/07 7:41 PM GMT
I'm also a purple lover, and this is another lovely work :)
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Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it..
04/29/09 11:34 AM GMT
Saw this one in the "Featureds" section of the Homepage...Excellent design! Faved...
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