Horizon Moon  

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Uploaded: 03/27/07 6:01 PM GMT
Horizon Moon
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An old image from the Expedition 13 crew on the ISS which was a nice shot but very poor quality with lots of noise, banding and lack of definition - must have been using a Nikon that day instead of the tried and tested Kodaks :-) Tried to fix it up as much as possible without going too over the top.

Original image credit: NASA/JPL.


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03/27/07 6:07 PM GMT
Cool I think moon looks like a ghost!
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I used to be an idealist, but I got mugged by reality.
03/27/07 6:10 PM GMT
yep it's always pretty washed out like that when it's sat on the horizon line.
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
03/27/07 6:10 PM GMT
I would love to see the original, just to see the difference, but this one looks great. I had to smile about the hudge moon, but maybe thats its size, when you fly over the clouds. smile.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Graz: Lady with a Paddle.
03/27/07 6:17 PM GMT
The original looks like this, so yes - the moon really was that big :-)
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
03/27/07 7:20 PM GMT
I think you did a great job Phil, Nasa would be proud of you buddy.
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03/27/07 7:40 PM GMT
A fascinating and very different perspective of the moon...your fix-it job looks pretty good to me, should see what I have up my sleeve that could use some fixing...well, tune in tomorrow...meanwhile, good work.:Pat.
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Negative expectations yield negative results.
03/27/07 8:35 PM GMT
I'm very impressed by your work,Phil ! .. AMAZING !.. my compliments!!!
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03/29/07 3:16 AM GMT
Awesome! I really like this picture. And by the way, you did an impressive job on this picture! Congratulations!
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If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow...
04/02/07 11:46 PM GMT
Two words dude...

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04/05/07 4:43 PM GMT
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09/11/07 11:14 PM GMT i wouldnt say its over the top, good job.
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11/06/09 4:17 AM GMT
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"So what exactly did you do after that?"

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