STS-117 Last Stop 2  

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Uploaded: 07/05/07 8:56 PM GMT
STS-117 Last Stop 2
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Atlantis and its modified Boeing 747 carrier plane taxi toward the rig for uncoupling after completing its journey from Edwards back to the Cape.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL.


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07/05/07 9:22 PM GMT
I hope they don't break it gettin' it offa there. LOL
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07/07/07 11:29 PM GMT
cool its realy neat:)
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07/09/07 7:07 AM GMT
That is pretty cool.
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07/15/07 11:39 PM GMT
The best I've ever seen.
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12/24/07 2:52 AM GMT
That bugger landed Carswell a while back. Even more impressive to see all that metal get off the ground.
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"If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney
06/06/09 2:11 AM GMT
Love to see the 747 power, best airplane ever made.
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07/17/11 2:59 AM GMT
I'll miss your photo enhancements when the shuttle retires.
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10/23/23 10:47 PM GMT
I like this classic! Faved...
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