M45: The Pleiades (Seven Sisters)  

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Uploaded: 09/24/07 8:11 PM GMT
M45: The Pleiades (Seven Sisters)
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Pleiades is a moving cluster of stars that has collided with a molecular cloud. Recent data suggests that the collision may have been triggered by a supernova blast or density wave some 30 million years ago. The Pleiades travels through space at about 40 kilometres per second & the relative tightness of the cluster is indicative of its young age as the member stars were formed some 100 million years ago and will probably travel together through space for another 250 million years before the gravity of the Milky Way breaks up the cluster into individual field stars. This is a companion shot to the famous Hubble scope image but this version is a series of long ground based exposures.

Credit: Robert Gendler.


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09/24/07 8:22 PM GMT
Because of its brightness and proximity to us, the Seven Sisters have been iconic in many ancient cultures and their beauty still beguiles people today across the world. In Japan they are known as the Subaru, which is where the eponymous car manufacturer got its name and logo.
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09/24/07 8:22 PM GMT
Danger! Danger! Star ghosts ahead. Make the jump to light speed. ....very interesting picture. Great desktop.
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Imagine you are there
09/24/07 9:05 PM GMT
Wow! Let's dance below the stars.......... :-)
Wonderful image!
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09/24/07 9:19 PM GMT
Great job Phil, this is one of the classic star clusters.
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09/25/07 3:30 PM GMT
Both are amazing! Thanks for the information, too.
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09/25/07 4:52 PM GMT
Absolutely Amazing picture..
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09/26/07 9:38 PM GMT
Didn`t know that about the logo.
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01/02/08 4:58 PM GMT
Awesome picture, I have a great interest in the part of space and it makes a great background too.
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12/31/10 3:15 AM GMT
wow most beautiful picture of the Pleiades.
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