Atlantis & Endeavour  

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Uploaded: 09/26/08 3:56 PM GMT
Atlantis & Endeavour
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An aerial view of the Launch Complex at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre shows space shuttles on both pads. At upper right is space shuttle Endeavour, while in the foreground is space shuttle Atlantis, preparing for its launch on the mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

This is the first time since July 2001 that two shuttles are on the launch pads at the same time. Endeavour will stand by at pad 39B in the event that a rescue mission is necessary during Atlantisí mission; if the Hubble crew get into trouble they would not have enough fuel to reach the ISS.

After Endeavour is cleared from its duty as a rescue spacecraft, it will be moved to Launch Pad 39A for the STS-126 mission in November.

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL.


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09/26/08 4:10 PM GMT
I wonder if they can be seen from the Port Canaveral Ship Channel.. Marvelous overview of the site including the rainbow.
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09/26/08 4:41 PM GMT
Fine Pic and Post.
Thanks for sharing this ONE.
Much Appreciated !

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Ribbit ! Come on over to my Pad.
09/26/08 7:07 PM GMT
beautiful clear shot with a lovely wide view!!
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laughter is the best medicine.
09/26/08 7:37 PM GMT
I read that this would likely be the last time both would be on the platform together given the retirement of the fleet in a couple of years. Quite a historic event and it is captured here quite nicely.
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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt
09/26/08 11:03 PM GMT
Whadda lobby!!

The entrance to space is amazing Uncle Phil!! Can we go to the toy store now??

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
09/27/08 1:54 AM GMT
You even gave us a rainbow with your cleaned-up image Phil! I read in the paper and saw some images on TV regarding this historic event. None of what I saw gave me this awesome perspective nor have I frequented the NASA site. Another incredible job of finding just the 'right' image to clean-up, polish, dust off, gift wrap and present to us in a nice neat package.
Good job my friend and another image to the grandkids favorite file aptly named 'Phil' :=)
Many thanks for participating in the education of these hungry little minds and sharing this finely tuned image with me :=)
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10/01/08 6:41 AM GMT
Awesome pic!!
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10/01/08 6:45 AM GMT
Superb. I love this shot. Looks like something out of this world.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
10/06/08 2:03 PM GMT
We sat out on Daytona beach and watched the Endeavour take off on 11/14 7:55 PM bringing new furniture to the Space Station. At first it looked like a big fireball shooting across the night sky getting smaller and smaller till it looked like an ordinary star.
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11/19/08 4:14 AM GMT
WOW! Spectacular view! a brilliant shot
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02/17/10 10:17 PM GMT
Oh yeaaaaahhhhhh, I gotta fave and save this one. As you can tell by my icon, I've been a fan of space exploration and NASA since childhood, having been almost 4 years old when Sputnik first flew. This clearly shows how expansive the agency is and is one of the best NASA images on Caedes. I love nebulas and star clusters and such, but this image puts the efforts of the space program into a perspective we can understand, in the physical space it takes up. Great job of cleaning, too. Thanks.

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