Really Big Bird  

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Uploaded: 08/24/06 1:42 AM GMT
Really Big Bird
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This Osprey was photographed in Jester Park just north of Des Moines Iowa.


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08/24/06 2:08 AM GMT
Super,comes to mind. Superb creeps in too. This exceptional shot of this bird is so wonderfully taken, clearly presented and simply elegant that I have no criticism, no comment other than perfection...job well done :)PJ
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"Art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass." Walter Pater
08/24/06 2:08 AM GMT
This is magnificant. The clarity and colors and right on and his expanse is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this beauty today.
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All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Always glad to see visitors at My Gallery and thanks for your continued kind words and constant support. Anita
08/24/06 2:32 AM GMT
Where did you take this picture? Not in Iowa, did you? I ask because it appears to be an osprey, which is a sea bird.

Gret shot, good clarity, majestic bird, and you captured the action.

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08/24/06 4:08 AM GMT
These are the shots that make you proud to be a photographer, eh? What an awesome bird of prey! I just love the full extension of his wingspan and how close you took the shot so we can admire all his beautiful details. Great one!
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08/24/06 5:49 AM GMT
What a beautiful raptor and so magnificently captured. A winner for sure. Kudos
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More does not always equal better.
08/24/06 5:51 AM GMT
Great image!
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08/24/06 9:37 AM GMT
An outstanding shot of this bird .. very sharp & wonderful clarity. Very well done Robert.
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
08/24/06 10:12 AM GMT
A Magnificent Bird and a Magnificent Shot..Excellent Job..Congratulations..
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08/24/06 10:57 AM GMT
Excellent shot!.....and well done for the capture of this as it spreads its wings..........
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*Please forgive me, for not replying to every one of your lovely images-Problems with my hands is making it difficult at present* Dunstickin's Gallery
08/24/06 3:43 PM GMT
the wings on this bird (i presume a hawk), his tailfeathers, his face and his talons are beautifully shown. great job! jen
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not writing thank yous feels really strange. i guess i'll just say THANK YOU now! Please Visit My Gallery
08/24/06 6:27 PM GMT
This is a top class picture of an Osprey. The fact that you have captured this glorious hawk on camera is an excellent piece of work on it's own. But to have done it so well - sharpness of focus, no motion blur, good compostion and deep depth of field. This is sheer magnificence. Well done.
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It's better to have a living dog, than a dead lion.
08/24/06 7:14 PM GMT
Very, very well shot!!! 10!!
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08/24/06 8:16 PM GMT
Fantastic capture of this Osprey Robert....Just terrific...gerry..
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08/24/06 9:12 PM GMT
Excellent shot- love the compostition of the image. What a great moment to capture! The lighting on the bird is interesting too. I think the only thing that detracts from the image is that the sky is kind of washed out- or plain or something. But that would require quite a bit of post-capture editing- and skies are tough anyway. Overall this is an excellent image- thank you for sharing!
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08/25/06 1:43 AM GMT
Dramatic capture of this majestic bird. :)
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08/25/06 12:38 AM GMT
a beautiful bird, and a beautiful picture of one. well done. id love to be able to take a pic of one of those, but in scotland where i come from, theyre endangered and the nest sites are secret.
well done.
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08/26/06 1:23 AM GMT
You did an awesome job with the settings on your camera. The speed setting was just right to make the bird still. I usually get flustered trying to focus in on things in motion.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
08/26/06 7:57 AM GMT
Great picture.
What is this for a bird and do you know sometimes also the attachment amplitude of its wings?
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Be happy. Enjoys our earth...Lien.
08/27/06 12:34 AM GMT
Robert its a magnificant shot , wings open for the hunt. Nice diaframma and speedshutter choise.
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09/01/06 10:20 AM GMT
Great shot of wings open for a beautiful bird. Looking at its head, you can see it is totally concentrating on either landing or prey.
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09/01/06 5:05 PM GMT
Very nice picture, bright back ground yet nice tones on the did you ever manage to be at the right place at the right time to get a great picture like this
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09/06/06 10:55 PM GMT
Great shot of this bird! It really captures the essence of it.
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How lovely it is when unexpected blessings come into my life to cheer me up and put a smile into my heart. Help me to pass them on, dear Lord. Fay Angus
11/29/06 1:50 AM GMT
Cet oiseau réflète la fierté et la grâ donne un exemple à plusieurs humains
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