Peas 'n Carrots  

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Uploaded: 06/05/07 2:42 AM GMT
Peas 'n Carrots
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MBF, Photofiltre...All comments are welcome and appreciated. Full screen view really is a must.


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06/05/07 2:59 AM GMT
I like em' LOL Good one buddy, isn't that like a Forrest Gump thing ?? :)
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06/05/07 3:03 AM GMT
I like peas and carrots too with butter. This one daoesn't need the butter. Great job!!!
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Angelle "Words are like crayons and paints. The only difference is you have to work harder to see their colors.
06/05/07 3:11 AM GMT
the colours are great on both
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I was gonna go cruising on my hog today , but he,s tired right now
06/05/07 10:17 AM GMT
Sweet title dude!! The colors really make this fun for the stomach!! 8~D

Yummy goodness!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
06/05/07 11:23 AM GMT
Lovely fractal in subtle shades. I hesitate to say this, but the title is ruining this one for me. I realise the image is the image, but I cannot get the title out of my head so I'm seeing a mess of "mushy peas" and tired, over-cooked carrots... That, however, really _is_ a matter of taste if anything ever is!

- cfr

How about fruit instead? The green reminds me of Bosc pears and the orange of... apricots? apples? Too dull for apricots, maybe. Apples, though I've forgotten the variety that sometimes has that colour.
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06/05/07 8:09 PM GMT
Absolutely Beautiful colors..Lovely work..
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06/05/07 11:40 PM GMT
Thanks everybody. I appreciate the comments, but I like the title. I'm keeping it. ;)
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06/06/07 7:38 AM GMT
Love the design. I would like to see this in other colors, although I realize you might have to change the name. Just a thought.
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06/06/07 8:26 PM GMT
well I really liked this image until I saw the title - the thought of carrot and peas together made me say yuck! lol! soooo I will just imagine it is a pretty colour combination and a lovely design!
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06/07/07 1:56 AM GMT
I love peas and carrots and all veggies, well...except for Brussel Sprouts :( But I have a question for you: How did you manage to make all those carrots round..hmmm? They'd look great at a fancy dinner party!!! :)


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"You may forget. But let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us."
06/07/07 2:08 AM GMT
Thanks for the wonderful comments JoAnn, Patti and PJ! Shame on you Patti, veggies are good for you. Oh btw PJ, it wasn't easy getting all those carrots round like that...I had to do a lot of gnawing, oh well, at least I've got great eyesight now. =PP
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