It's green, and it jumps...  

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Uploaded: 07/04/07 9:42 AM GMT
It's green, and it jumps...
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I'll leave you to guess the name!


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07/04/07 10:58 AM GMT
'Six legged green hydrangea hopper' of course. Sorry that I can't give you the Latin name. They prefer blue hydragea above pink hydrangea, that's the reason I wasn't able to capture it (lol). John, I think you have your camera 24 hours a day with you, as you fixed it to post the other unique capture after another. I only can say: "Very good job again." Regards, Cornelius
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07/04/07 11:11 AM GMT
wow,Beautiful capture and outstanding detail and colour. regards, Marjolein
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07/04/07 11:47 AM GMT
Brilliant sharp macro capture John! Beautiful lighting and colors, lovely detail. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing :-)

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07/04/07 2:36 PM GMT
That is wonderful..... so much better than my 2 :)

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'to start press any key ! Wheres the ANY key ?
07/04/07 3:33 PM GMT
Oh! My favorite colour combination and with a Kaydid!! Well done, mon ami........
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07/04/07 3:48 PM GMT
Wow, the flowers in the background are positively ethereal, and the grasshopper is so bright! Absolutely gorgeous colors, if it weren't an insect (I get grossed out) it would go in my favorites immediately!
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07/04/07 5:07 PM GMT
Very , very nice capture! ..super close up ,wonderful colours! Congratulations!
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07/04/07 5:32 PM GMT
a frog perhapse.....haha....just teasing you, great shot John with wonderful clearity:))
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07/04/07 8:45 PM GMT
Excellent macro!! I LOVE this one! Great colors and detail... oh and composition too. Great capture, hope you get a high c-index on this one.
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07/04/07 10:40 PM GMT
Amazing shot. Amazing photographer. Well done. Congratulations on this one.
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07/05/07 1:48 AM GMT
Just super...the colors are knockouts all by themselves, and then you go and put this perfect macroed green meanie on it. Doesn't get any better, my friend. :)


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07/05/07 2:27 AM GMT
The grasshopper's colours contrasts amazingly with the flowers. An excellent macro and wonderful image. :)
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07/05/07 6:08 PM GMT
Great macro image John. I love the color and depth of field on this one. You also have a very fine gallery. I must come back for a visit when I have more time.
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07/09/07 8:46 PM GMT
Wow! I think this is simply fantastic! Perfect lighting and angle...and the detail is marvelous! There is just a great feeling about this photo, and I think it's a big "10"!
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07/13/07 7:49 AM GMT
This is an amazing macro!!!!
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08/22/07 4:24 AM GMT
Oh WOW! This is just a FABULOUS shot!! AMAZING! I am really impressed with how close you got to this marvelous looking insect!
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05/21/08 4:35 PM GMT
such vibrant rich..great color scheme its all working very well great photo!
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10/04/09 4:16 AM GMT
What an amazing closeup! Great colors and detail!
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07/30/10 8:44 AM GMT
Incredible work!
Great colors!
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