Lost on a title  

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Uploaded: 08/27/14 6:49 PM GMT
Lost on a title
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Warning for windmills storks.....


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08/27/14 7:23 PM GMT
I'm lost for words, as well! I'm assuming the sign is not for the stork to read! lol Good one.
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08/27/14 7:49 PM GMT
Whether this is a manipulation or not, is not that relevant. The question is what's the essence of a warning sign for storks flying or living over built-up areas and why this sign (by you created or placed by the owner of the site) is situated at the fenced (factory) site. The only thing I can think is that you want to prevent 'free birds' (please notice the quotes) for being kept in a prison-like environment. This suggestion of mine comes however from the bottom of my toes. Please the next time a rather less difficult subject my friend, lol.

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08/27/14 8:49 PM GMT
"Stork Prison". Good one Rob!
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08/27/14 8:55 PM GMT
I guess it means you can't get "stork naked," within those confines Rob.
Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy interesting.


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08/27/14 10:19 PM GMT
Lol! very interesting concept Rob. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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08/28/14 3:21 PM GMT
This put a smile on my face and I think it say beware large bird hanging about the town lol.Very clever piece if art work which as a sharpness to it and very complex looking to with superb detail and spot on composition as well.
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08/29/14 2:05 PM GMT
Does seem a bit unusual, but great for the contest. Good luck Rob.
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09/05/14 8:41 AM GMT
Anyway good that the sign does not say: FOR YOU, STORKS, NO ENTRY !
From what I know them storks cannot read, poor illiterates:)
[almost back, in the process of fixing internet connection]
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
09/10/14 2:34 AM GMT
I'd be too involved in fleeing for my life from the giant stork that apparently plague the city than in worrying over what to call the scene. I suppose one egg could feed an entire neighbourhood.
A nice perspective and great lines in the photo, Rob.
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