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A fairly simple elven portrait, but I really like this one. Hand painted with a Wacom Intuos tablet in Photoshop.


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05/09/05 4:33 PM GMT
This is really very've got the skin tone perfect...nicely presented too...a great job.:Pat.
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05/09/05 4:37 PM GMT
Wow, this is amazing!...You definately have obvious talent...nice to see some original art ^_^
Elves are so cool, too ;] ...Excellent work, well done!
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/09/05 4:53 PM GMT
I agree with Fae and Pat this is superbe! I like art and this is great art! This is my desktop for the day!
Bravo! thx for sharing your talent with us!:0))!
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05/09/05 4:53 PM GMT
Impressive! Looks like some of the work my daughter is doing in Photoshop recently. You have a lot of talent!
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05/09/05 8:56 PM GMT
Beautiful art work.. very well done, the shading and colours are perfect... excellent... :D
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05/10/05 10:23 AM GMT
That is a really nice image...the tone range is amazing. Good job, and thanks for sharing.
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05/12/05 2:40 PM GMT
Beautifully chosen background in all its simplicity, I also quite like the content of what seems to be an elvish amish or is that an amish elf :)
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07/17/05 6:54 PM GMT
wow! there are some great images on your website! I absolutely love Mask!
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O_o | o_O Looking in the Mirror
08/04/05 12:28 AM GMT
Fantastic image, I love it!!!
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Life is a series of delicious deleriousness!
08/04/05 12:29 AM GMT
Sorry forgot to ask - where did you learn to create these images?
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Life is a series of delicious deleriousness!
08/22/05 11:48 PM GMT
I think this image is great. I love elves and dragons and stuff.
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08/25/05 2:54 PM GMT
this is a stunning image
i love, great job =]
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09/04/05 1:05 AM GMT
Awesome image! I like the ear..It looks mostly like the one we have on our planet.
Is she an alien like me? Beautiful work! Top Score!
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09/08/05 10:31 PM GMT
She is a beautiful elf, reminds me of Luthien. :)
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09/11/05 1:42 AM GMT
My friend is obsessed wih elves when she see's this picture whe going to freek out.
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11/02/05 2:24 AM GMT
I really like the framing in this shot. It gives off the strong sense that she is running out of room, which ends up doubling the emotion presented by her expression. This is really an appealing image, even if a sad one. The contrast between hair style and clothing style is interesting, I like it. Awesome, all around! :-)
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11/10/05 12:26 AM GMT
Aaaaaaaaa!!!! Love it!!!!!!
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11/10/05 12:35 AM GMT
Woa! This is beautiful! I Love Elves! Great job!!!
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11/10/05 6:40 AM GMT
OMG, talk about attention to detail.. that just astounds me. Thanks for sharing this!
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11/15/05 6:00 PM GMT
i cant even write my own name, let alone draw something. it is awesome!!!!!
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11/17/05 10:56 AM GMT
lost in thought .. something about her.. hard to put ur finger on it .. !!!
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12/24/05 4:17 AM GMT
i luv elves and this one shows alot of emotion. good job!!!
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01/24/06 10:34 PM GMT
Nice elvvish looks...definitely different!
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06/23/06 2:38 AM GMT
Very nice indeed. I like the hand painted aspect. You've done a very nice job! Glad to see some more elves around. Cheers.
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07/19/06 1:03 AM GMT
This is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work.
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10/07/06 8:07 PM GMT
:) this picture is awesome... Elves definetly own lol. nice work
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10/26/06 7:27 PM GMT
beautiful! nice detail work on the hair and eyelashes. perfect blending as well.
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10/26/06 10:19 PM GMT
awesome! You and Pretty Fae must be friends. Lovely talent you have.
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-DFX -
01/05/07 11:24 PM GMT
Very well done, I really like it.
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01/31/07 3:23 PM GMT
I worked with a young lady some years ago who (sans elf ears) was a dead ringer for the one in your drawing.
Very nicely and tastefully rendered.
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02/26/07 10:31 PM GMT
Man, you are an awesome artist, I wish i could draw, but I can only write, so yeah. But, this is still one of the best elfs i have ever seen drawn.
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12/31/07 2:14 PM GMT
She is beautiful! Excellent work! If you don't mind, I would like to use her appearance, as one of the characters in my story.

P.S.- It would be neat to maybe try her with different eye colors, hair colors, skin tones, and such. Lovely work!
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08/30/08 9:08 AM GMT
Çok Güzel Olmuş__Very Beautiful.... Turkish____TURKEY
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_T_U_R_K_E_Y_ Turkish
07/24/09 11:26 PM GMT
Great work. I just saw this in the featured images.


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01/08/16 9:23 PM GMT
Saw this in the Homepage...Nice, but only one?

Faved anyway...
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