Thorn Hollow  

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Uploaded: 03/22/11 2:52 AM GMT
Thorn Hollow
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I've noticed a number of new Mandelbulb 3D creations being uploaded... Truly mind-boggling stuff you guys/gals!! So, I thought I'd give it a try too :) And, Wow... what an adventure that was!! Definitely different...not sure what else to say about the results I Best viewed full screen. Thanks for looking, and for inspiring me to try something new :) Lori

Mandelbulb 3D + Photofiltre


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03/22/11 2:55 AM GMT
Yeah, I've been playing with it too. This is really good for a first attempt! I really am not crazy about Mandelbulb 3d. I haven't seen anything yet that really impresses me about it. I do like yours though! I like your flower images too! :D
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03/22/11 3:00 AM GMT
A great looking design, beautiful colours and forms. I like the reflective nature of the image. Very nicely done.
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03/22/11 3:32 AM GMT
Excellent piece of 3D work Lori, great colours.
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03/22/11 4:36 AM GMT
I think you've been figuring the program out for awhile! is NOT an amateur job girl. Outstanding and beautiful! Bravo Lori!
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03/22/11 5:06 AM GMT
A wonderful infusion of color, shapes and patterns here Lori. I made a few with this programs as well and this will inspire me to do more. Fabulous colors by the way!!
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03/22/11 5:12 AM GMT
very nice looking creation Lori, lovely colors too!
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03/22/11 5:20 AM GMT
Nice texturing...Me likey! faved...
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03/22/11 10:23 AM GMT
Definitely captures my attention! Fascinating metallic hues and designs. One that invites a lingering examination... Gee I think it reminds me of work!! But in a good way. : )
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03/22/11 11:44 AM GMT
You seemed to have figured it oit Lori, I love the reflective touch. tigs
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03/22/11 2:24 PM GMT
Really interesting stuff from that program - love all the metallic refections in this.
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03/22/11 3:47 PM GMT
Looks like brass and very ouchy! I am not sure how I feel about that program. It seems so easy to keep coming up with the same thing, but you have exceeded that here. You have lots of experience with these kinds of programs and you and Joanie always amaze me with what you get from them. Happy Birthday, btw, Lori!
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03/22/11 9:03 PM GMT
A Stunning work,Lori.Hot and Wild and Beautiful.
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03/22/11 9:51 PM GMT
As if It had been made from copper. Wonderful work. I like it. Congratulation.
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03/23/11 4:02 AM GMT
I have also noticed several and have really enjoyed them! I am very much enjoying this one that you came up with here! So cool and so life like! Very well done!
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03/23/11 4:57 PM GMT
This one's yours? I saw it in the voting booth last night and gave it a 10, telling myself to find the artist and post info but got distracted. I thought it was amazing, sort of what Hieronymous Bosch would have painted if he'd been doing geometric abstracts. It's organic and mechanical at the same time. When I first saw it I thought of a cross-cut view of some elaborate brass musical instrument, loaded with strange wind chambers. Very cool. Saved and faved and great to see you submitting again.

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03/28/11 4:31 PM GMT
I am not sure what it is..but I like it! :) Very well done!
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