The Collector #2  

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Uploaded: 05/15/12 12:35 AM GMT
The Collector #2
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Another bee, another lupine.

Thanks for commenting.

Tigs♥ =^..^=


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05/15/12 12:58 AM GMT
As long as this 'collector' is not a tax inspector eh!..

Sweet honey is delicious...I have a spoonful every morning!

The post looks lovely and well shot
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05/15/12 1:35 PM GMT
Nice capture of the bee on tour Sansi - sharp focus on both blooms and bee, good colours and lighting to.
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05/15/12 3:10 PM GMT
...and another excellent capture Sandi. Great clarity, colors and details.
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05/15/12 3:18 PM GMT
Another day in the life of Billy Bee,They have such a varied existence..If only life was so simple and with Honey at the end of it..Nicely captured Sandi..R.
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05/15/12 4:37 PM GMT
Great bee macro once again Sandi - you have a knack with these guys.
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05/15/12 4:55 PM GMT
They are that dynamic. Must have cost you a lot of patience again, Sandi!

Great post!

Regards, Cornelius.
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05/15/12 6:17 PM GMT
Sandi - A real nice 'air born' capture of this bee at work. Thad
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05/15/12 6:53 PM GMT
Really nice colors,lighting and clarity!!!
But would expect nothing else!!
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05/15/12 7:08 PM GMT
The clarity is so perfect!!! Wow, what an outstanding capture Sandi!
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05/15/12 8:42 PM GMT
Fabulous close up and beautiful colours and detail
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05/15/12 8:42 PM GMT
Very good, Sandi.Curious about that background. I suppose it's natural. Unfortunately, it's not too complimentary for the flowers, though fine for the bee.It also occupies the greatest amount of space. If you try a horizontal format slice through the middle, to just past the bee, you'll have many times the impact.
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05/15/12 9:26 PM GMT
Very nice capture Sandi .
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05/15/12 9:30 PM GMT
Wonderful capture, so nice flower and lovely colors.
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05/15/12 9:39 PM GMT
Very pretty and rich shot, Sandi. The colors are so nice and bright.
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05/16/12 12:46 AM GMT
Beautiful color palette. Nice close-up.

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05/16/12 1:30 PM GMT
Lovely silky colours - a fine post Sandi
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05/21/12 10:39 PM GMT
Stunning close up,Sandi.Beautiful colors and detail.
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