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I took an old image, and made it into a B&W. I have had this sitting in waiting, and decided to give it some more work. I took up the contrast, and gave it some highlight.

Tigger is my oldest of 4 cats, and very social, he is a sweet boy. He is actually a orange feline.

My current entry for the fun challenge.

Thank you for commenting, and if your experiencing the heat wave like we are, I hope you have air conditioning.

Tigs♥ =^..^=


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07/16/13 9:25 PM GMT
Tiger has Beautiful Eyes Sandi. Friendly Feline Indeed.
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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
07/16/13 9:29 PM GMT
He's beautiful Sandi and this translated well to B&W.
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. . . "What a desolate place would be a world without a flower! It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome." A.J. Balfour
07/16/13 9:33 PM GMT
The result is very good Sandi. The clarity is very good and the overall effect makes this a lovely image.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
07/16/13 10:05 PM GMT
This such a regal pose - he obviously thinks he's a lion. This is a beautiful image of your very beautiful cat.
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"Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake." W.C. Fields. So, carry on over to see My Gallery.
07/16/13 10:43 PM GMT
Lovely looking animal..Good portrait...R.
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Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
07/16/13 11:57 PM GMT
Sandi - Excellent portrait - b/w shows the details and contrasts so very well. Kudos! Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
07/17/13 12:10 AM GMT
Trying to stay cool and enjoying your super portrait of your loving cat.
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07/17/13 12:35 AM GMT
Such striking features for a regal cat. He looks much like our male cats here. That is a nicely composed as if he were posing for the camera.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
07/17/13 12:47 AM GMT
Oh how Beautiful this is in B/W, love the detail and the look in his sweet eyes. I remember the coloured one & this one is outstanding
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Have a Beautiful Bright Day, Skates
07/17/13 1:06 AM GMT
Super portrait and this from a man who doesn't like cats, Tigz.
Wonderful editing and framing.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
07/17/13 1:47 AM GMT
Beautiful portrait of Tigger Sandi he is just beautiful .
The tones and the details are wonderful.
Love his eyes .... Window to the soul.
Excellent challenge entry.
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I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice. ~ Linda McCartney ~
07/17/13 3:04 AM GMT
A beautiful portrait of Tigger. Love his friendly eyes. Perfect in B & W ... a wonderful entry, Sandi.
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07/17/13 7:36 AM GMT
Nice bit of portraiture Sandi!...he's a great looking cat
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"
07/17/13 9:10 AM GMT
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07/17/13 11:36 AM GMT
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07/17/13 3:53 PM GMT
Wow the light in the cats eyes is blow away and lovely detail in the cats fur and nice portraits photo with very good boarder work too.
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07/17/13 5:44 PM GMT
Fabulous capture. GL in contest.
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
07/18/13 11:41 AM GMT
I just want to stroke this beauty and hear him purr.
A splendid portrait of the lovely Tigger Sandi.
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust
07/18/13 12:49 AM GMT
tigger by tigger, hes a beautiful guy. i miss cats!!
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07/18/13 4:42 PM GMT
Sweeet! An excellent portrait in B/W.
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07/18/13 10:33 PM GMT
What a lovely image, nice presentation. Great work.
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07/18/13 10:44 PM GMT
Real beauty. Nice B/W work, I love it.
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07/19/13 5:20 PM GMT
Sorry for the delay on commenting your last posts my friend !!
I was very busy...
That's an excellent B&W portrait you share with us.
Great job !!
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Visit my gallery, there's always something new from France !!
07/22/13 12:21 AM GMT
I want the colour version, SAS, please!
I like so much the orange cats.
This B/W is a beauty for sure, but to appreciate the cat I want this particular pic in colour too, please.
SAM & SAAB [promise Boris will not touch the screen !!!]
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
07/23/13 3:29 AM GMT
Such a sweetie. I love cats!
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07/30/13 11:04 PM GMT
Stunning clarity!
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Quality not quantity.
11/06/13 1:53 PM GMT
Love this sweet face!
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