Cat Camp 2013 #2 Remake  

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Uploaded: 11/16/14 2:05 PM GMT
Cat Camp 2013 #2 Remake
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I'm in the process of trying new editing tricks, and decided to redo this one . I know the other one is in the B&W challenge chosen files already, but if it's allowed this will be my challenge entry this week.

If you click and view both full size, I think you will see the difference in detail.

Thank you in advance for your comments.



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11/16/14 2:37 PM GMT
You've given it a grungy a half Orton and teture!

works pretty good too!
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11/16/14 3:04 PM GMT
I think this version looks better Sandi. It may be darker but has less noise.
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11/16/14 3:31 PM GMT
Sandi, as far as I knew, I haven't seen the previous version, so I've checked out your link and saw indeed that I've missed it due to my absence from Caedes for the well known reason. To me this one is slightly better indeed as it shows more nuances and the contrast is somewhat 'weaker' (prettier). Great one and a perfect entry for the challenge! Well done my friend!
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11/16/14 3:37 PM GMT
Very nice editing on this nice B/W picture, Well done Sandi.
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11/16/14 3:38 PM GMT
You done a super job well done Sandi,good luck in the challenge.
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11/16/14 3:53 PM GMT
I really like this version Sandi - it has a dreamy quality to it.
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11/16/14 4:37 PM GMT
This one flows better, Tigz. The process is uniform throughout.
Well done Tiger Lady.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/16/14 5:49 PM GMT
I agree with Ramad this is better as it as less noise and the detail is a lot better.
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11/16/14 6:39 PM GMT
I like this, Sandi. It has an Orton look to me. Very nice work.
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11/16/14 6:41 PM GMT
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11/16/14 8:43 PM GMT
They look softer and furrier in this version, Sandi. Nice work.
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11/17/14 12:04 AM GMT
This has more of a penciled look to it. It looks good Sandi. Good luck in the challenge.
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11/17/14 1:23 AM GMT
This one is the better in my opinion, the softness is more even
throughout. Like the expressions on their faces.
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11/17/14 2:11 AM GMT
Adorable tiger cubs! I like this version better as well. The softer look works very well & like Frank ... to me it reminds me of a pencil drawing or sketch. Creative work & an excellent challenge entry, Sandi.
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11/17/14 3:20 AM GMT
Wow!! This is wonderful in every aspect Tigs!! Superb treatment really adds to the impact of this image of these beautiful creatures!! I like both but I really like this better. It's like a pencil drawing and metal look both!! Way to go:)!!!
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11/17/14 11:41 AM GMT
I like them both immensely and go along with other opinions that this one slightly outdoes the first version.
Nice work Sandi.

I have it in list for the B/w Challenge for Wednesday:) Not sure about its promotion to Main Gallery as the other version is already there but will check up when time to forward this one on :)
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11/17/14 6:11 PM GMT
This is a gorgeous b&w photo Sandi. A wonderful capture and you've really done a super job editing. I like both, but favor this one definitely. Fav'd
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Life is a Constant Audition
11/17/14 11:26 PM GMT
Definately has a different texture to it.
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11/18/14 6:46 PM GMT
Sandi - Both are quite nice, this one being softer in texture, more subtle in lighting. Difficult to do, but if I had to choose, this one would get the nod. Thad
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11/21/14 5:11 AM GMT
oh my! they're both great Tigs! what a posed shot..WOW!
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11/21/14 7:33 PM GMT
Oh my goodness, Magnificent work, showing us such gorgeous kitties. Really love this and right into my favs, I also agree WOW
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