Photo Shoot Dec. 2015 #9  

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Uploaded: 01/17/16 3:48 PM GMT
Photo Shoot Dec. 2015 #9
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I thought I would enter this one into the B&W challenge, which will be starting back up soon.

I had decided to do a few B&W's for the customers that morning. Thank you in advance for your comments.



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01/17/16 4:25 PM GMT
They look good in black and white Tigz.
This has been a good series for you and us.
If anyone asks "Who let the dogs out?" I will know the answer.


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01/17/16 4:25 PM GMT
"He done it Master,Can I have my treat now ?"....A good one here...R....
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01/17/16 7:47 PM GMT
Precious B&W post, Sandi! It will make my day! I can hear in my imagination the sound that the left one produces. Must be finer than classical music, because of the judging expression on the face of the right 'specialist'.
Perfectly done. Excellent in any ways!!
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01/17/16 8:19 PM GMT
Nice B/W, posing for a treat?
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01/17/16 9:07 PM GMT
Excellent capture of this pair of cuties Sandi. In b/w they look just as good as they would in color.
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01/17/16 9:11 PM GMT
Excellent shot very well captured.
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01/17/16 9:50 PM GMT
Two little cuties.
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01/17/16 10:20 PM GMT
Woof woof!
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Quality not quantity.
01/18/16 1:21 AM GMT
I guess they are doing their best wolf impression. LOL!!! Great photo of these cuties.
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01/18/16 12:18 AM GMT
This is an absolute delight Sandi - a perfect capture.

On the BW list :)
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01/18/16 4:16 PM GMT
Very cute and I love the little one with his mouth open! You did wonderful on these photos Sandi.
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01/18/16 4:23 PM GMT
Now that is the best one I have seen you post of dogs. Perfect expressions. So utterly cute. The one thing that "jars" my vision a little is that heavy fold down in the lower left hand corner.
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01/18/16 4:44 PM GMT

Nice doggie composition...Faved...
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01/18/16 6:39 PM GMT
Go on give them the bone lol they sure are interested with some thing you have lol.Perfect capture and black and white too with spot on compstion plus sharpness as well.
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01/19/16 9:11 PM GMT
You are doing some wonderful work with animals, SAS...great expressions and poses here.
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01/23/16 4:08 AM GMT
What a pair of cuties!!!
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01/24/16 6:38 PM GMT
How cute is this, way to go
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