A Cold Winter Sunset B&W  

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Uploaded: 01/09/17 4:49 PM GMT
A Cold Winter Sunset B&W
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I made this one into a B&W for Lyn's weekly challenge which will be starting back up soon.

I hope you will consider joining us in the challenge.

I also want to say thank you for your comments, this was done Photomatix Pro. I'm really enjoying the Photomatix Pro, and On 1 RAW Photo programs.


Please view this in full screen, for some reason it looks blurry to me in thumbnail size.Let me know if you would if it looks okay on your end full size. ???


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01/09/17 4:57 PM GMT
This looks great full size Sandi but it is really blurry in the thumbnail size. Don't know why that is happening lately on some shots.
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01/09/17 6:16 PM GMT
That looks chilly...Very nice ..Good luck..R.
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01/09/17 7:15 PM GMT
It looks beautiful in full size, the thumbnail is really blurry
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01/09/17 7:36 PM GMT
I was going to say that I needed glasses to view this, but this enlarged version is much nicer.
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01/09/17 9:54 PM GMT
I like this even better I think , well done Sandi.
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01/10/17 8:17 AM GMT
Great work, Sandi. Everybody should see it in full screen.
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01/10/17 3:49 PM GMT
This is a general comment to my friends who have recently uploaded a contribution. Commenting in the usual way will cost me too much effort now, because I'm dealing with some very nasty hardware problems. Hope to resolve these problems soon, so that I can provide you with an appropriate comment again.
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01/11/17 10:33 AM GMT
The bluriness converts to really great texture in the full size version. Excellent, Sandi :)
Thanks for another BWC image and plug :)
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01/14/17 12:49 AM GMT
This is wonderful and looks like powered sugar in full view - the small image looked blurred and the enlarged one shows us so many textures and light
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01/31/17 5:50 AM GMT
Beautiful image Tigs:):)
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