Old Farmstead  

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Uploaded: 03/26/17 9:36 PM GMT
Old Farmstead
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I want to thank you for your very constructive comments on my B&W I posted earlier. I found them honest, and helpful, and afterwards I decided it best to delete that one. I took this one today, and I used the Nikkor 80-400 mm lens, just wanted to see what kind of results I would get, and I was looking for wildlife which I did not see much of, but it was a nice leisure drive on a cloudy and somewhat rainy day. I have always found this barn, and silo interesting. There is a house that a family lives in on the left side. I will post the color version later on.

I want to thank you for your honest comments, that is how I have learned over the years, not sure why I posted posted that other one in the first place. Lol!I also want to say thank you for your comments on this one. For me this more visually appealing, and thought it fit the challenge.



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03/26/17 9:54 PM GMT
This one is definitely better. It shows a variety of textures and has focal points (the slope of the roof, the star, and the dome of the silo).
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Jeff Hamilton
03/26/17 11:18 PM GMT
Much better, I like the tone and effect you've used. Love old barns and this is a great one, nice work.
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03/26/17 11:54 PM GMT
This is wonderful work Sandi - very interesting structure and wonderful depth and tones from lightest to darkest.
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03/27/17 1:02 AM GMT
I didn't get to see the previous one, this one I love it
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03/27/17 6:12 AM GMT
Very attractive and impressive capture, Sandi. Nice entry. Good luck.
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03/27/17 7:25 AM GMT
This is a completely different matter Sandi. The view of the building and structure through the leafless tree branches makes this a very nice shot.
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03/27/17 10:50 AM GMT
I haven't seen the initial one, Sandi, So I can't compare them.
To me it's an intriguing composition and a very good entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge (BWC).
I'm curious about the used FL. If you've used 400mm, think you had to use a monopod or tripod (although this lens may have a 'Vibration Reduction' feature). If not, you've very stable hands, my friend, ☺ .
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03/27/17 11:53 AM GMT
I missed the first one.
This is quite an amazing scene - its appears the buildings are being consumed by vegetation, especially the silo !
Superb clarity and I like the result. It is sort of realism fighting with surrealism.
On the BWC list for Wednesday - many thanks Sandi
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03/27/17 9:07 PM GMT
Great B&W.I like the contrast between the Sharp features of the growth with soft tones.
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03/27/17 10:09 PM GMT
Looks like nature is eating this place up. Nice one for the challenge Sandi.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
03/28/17 3:24 AM GMT
Oh I love the rustic beauty of this one, Sandi. Really pretty! And the star is a nice touch.

(I still think the first one would make a wickedly wonderful jigsaw puzzle!)
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03/28/17 7:47 AM GMT
Great B/W picture.
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Carpe Diem!
03/30/17 4:21 PM GMT
Wowser Sandi, this is Breath taking - right into my favs
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04/01/17 6:37 PM GMT
This is definitely visually appealing, really unique with the overgrowth on this, great work.
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