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This is my weekly challenge entry, and I thought it made a good wacky Wednesday post.

The lady you see reflected in the sunglasses is my friend Pam, she works at the garden, and is also a photographer.

I received a pm from Kathy (trixie17) and she said I could share it with you.

Wanted to let you know I will be off for the forseeable future. My only brother died unexpectedly yesterday.I'm dealing with that and caring for my 91 year old mother who is in shock and my husbands knee surgery last Friday. A lot on my plate. You may share this info if you choose. Thanks Kathy

Thank you in advance for commenting.



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04/19/17 12:20 AM GMT
This would make anyone smile - a clever comic picture Sandi - Nice one for WW and thank you for submitting it to BWC :)

So sorry to hear of Kathy's troubles - she certainly does have a lot to deal with - thoughts are with her
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04/19/17 2:56 PM GMT
"Wacky Wednesday"? How about thoracic Thursday where we post photos of vertebrae?

Nice shot, Tigs. Very sorry. Sounds like we are living parallel lives.
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04/19/17 7:17 PM GMT
Thanks for letting us all know, my thought and prayers go out to her and the family, plus the husband knee surgery goes well.

Fabulous challenge and really like the reflection in the shades, who's the lady in the reflection?
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04/20/17 7:26 AM GMT
Sandi, thanks for informing us about the sad news about the loss of our friend Kathy's only brother. I've added a comment in the bulletin board.

Good (and funny) shot for both WW and the BWC, my friend!
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04/20/17 9:12 AM GMT
This a funny and a good photo for the b/w challenge Sandi.

Sorry to hear about Kathy's news. It is awful when all of this happens together. My condolence to Kathy on the loss of her only brother.
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04/20/17 11:45 AM GMT
Nice work, beautiful glasses. Great idea.
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04/21/17 12:41 AM GMT
Cool Pic Sandi !.
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04/21/17 2:00 AM GMT
I smiled! And look at YOU!! :) You are a beauty with a pretty incredible smile, yourself. Awesome shot, Sandi. Maybe the best, most creative selfie that I have ever seen.

My heart goes out to Kathy. Thank you for sharing the news.
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04/26/17 1:53 PM GMT
Sorry to hear about your brother Tiggs hope things work out with your Mom sure you will find the strength to deal with it.

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05/15/17 9:36 PM GMT
Love the glasses!
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