Too Cute  

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Uploaded: 07/26/20 4:03 PM GMT
Too Cute
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These two cuties were under my shed. Their momma was a feral but my neighbor is a cat whisperer, and momma and kitties are well cared for, and have a good loving home, and all are spayed and neutered now.

This will be my last post till after I get back from vacation next Tuesday or possibly Wednesday.

This was in my bin, and I decided to share it.

Thanks for for your comments.



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07/26/20 4:28 PM GMT
Looks like they are safe and sound. Sure little cuties.
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07/26/20 4:47 PM GMT
The cats look "dog tired" Tigz.
Super shot.
Have a safe trip and stay healthy.
Look forward to your photos.
Tell Sly "hey" for me.
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07/26/20 7:40 PM GMT
Your title suits this perfectly!
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07/26/20 8:43 PM GMT
They look quite at home and satisfied. See you later Sandi.
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07/26/20 10:45 PM GMT
These are very cute, Sandi. I do hope that your neighbor can manage to domesticate them for they would make great pets.
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07/27/20 2:44 AM GMT
Very glad you shared this, it is stunning and really pulls at your heart strings.
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07/27/20 7:40 AM GMT
Sandi, I saw this very cute image already some days ago as an item for approval, but when I would give my comment on that, it was deleted by you to take place for your tribute for Kathy.
Good that you've posted this one again, as it's a precious one.
I think that not even Cat-lovers will judge this one as a heartwarming one.
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07/28/20 4:04 PM GMT
Too cute indeed...glad to hear Momma and babies have a caretaker...great shot.
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08/01/20 3:12 PM GMT
As you said Tiggs to cute well taken.
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