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Uploaded: 08/20/23 1:24 PM GMT
Eric The Diver
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Yesterday we went on a local lake with friends on their pontoon boat. Eric is a certified diver, and waited for most boaters to leave, and gave it a try. This spot went from shallow to 71 feet. He did not find anything neat, but it was cool to see him dive. A cell phone moment. Thanks for commenting. tigs=^..^=


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08/20/23 1:44 PM GMT
If he would have dived to 174 feet he may have found Nessie or maybe even a megalodon. ;)
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08/20/23 2:44 PM GMT
Sandi, thanks for this action shot.
Although I'm not a diver (I only master the art of snorkeling), as a retired seaman I know very well what safety measures should be observed when a diver or divers go into the water.
One of the safety measures is that specific buoys are placed around the diving area. The vessel from which one is diving must also be provided with safety signs (in the mast). These serve to prevent the area from being crossed by ships/boats. It shouldn't be imagined that an ascending diver is hit by a rotating ship's propeller. Your photograph doesn't show this kind of security measures. Apparently, such measures aren't required in quiet areas like the one captured in your picture. Scuba diving is a great sport as long as safety is observed. I suppose that there isn't a necessity to tell Eric, as experienced/certified diver, this anymore.
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08/20/23 9:53 PM GMT
I like his position in relation to the sky and clouds - they seem to point to him!
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08/21/23 9:14 AM GMT
Brings back memories. I was P.A.D.I.-certified in Japan and had my first dive in Tokyo Bay, some of the dirtiest water I have ever been in (later in the Philippines where it was crystal-clear). I find that white whatever-it-is on the bottom of the right leg of his suit to be as interesting as the manner in which he starts his dive. My instructor always had us sit on the edge and roll backwards, holding onto our mask (so it wouldn't rip loose). A good action capture, Sandi, with much better light than he was apt to see at 71 feet (even at 30 feet in a lake the light can peter out pretty quick, particularly with the clouds showing us that it's either early morning or late day).

I like images that make me think.

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08/21/23 6:55 PM GMT
Nice action shot, beautiful sky and water.
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