Into the Cosmos  

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Uploaded: 07/14/17 3:10 PM GMT
Into the Cosmos
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Not quite what you expected? Taken with a Pentax K-1 and Tair-11 lens. Cropped, sharpened, and saturation pushed in DigiKam.


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07/14/17 3:14 PM GMT
The stamen and pistil are perfection, as is the bokeh, and I really dig how the stem is soft where it sprouts from the flower and continues to fade in focus as it heads away from the image center and towards the right border. Very good color and composition as well.

I always have to laugh a little when a submission like this shows up in the "Image Approval" listing. As though anyone could possibly not approve of it!

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07/15/17 6:46 AM GMT
Lovely cosmos! Great job of composition and focus.
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07/15/17 12:42 AM GMT
That's a beauty Tim..
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07/25/17 1:28 AM GMT
Such a gorgeous blossom and such lovely colour & love the way the background really makes this pop - Love it Tim
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08/22/17 10:56 PM GMT
Looking at the thumbnails in the last page in your gallery, this is the one that attracts me the most... it has a kind of wind-blown elegance. I'm scratching my head over the title, must confess... is Cosmos the name of the flower? I must check...

Ah, yep! See this one... simply gorgeous.
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04/24/18 12:00 AM GMT
Wow, this is a favorite, simplicity at its best.
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