Silent Quest Contest – Winners

Submitted by DigitalFX 10/22/05 5:32 PM GMT

In an effort to encourage our youngest members towards excellence, DigitalFX managed to get Adobe to donate a copy of Photoshop CS as a prize. A second prize was contributed by Gnomon Workshop. The contest was a bit unusual, in that the contestants never even knew they were in a contest. The board nominated 8 of our youngest members whose submissions have been outstanding, have massive karma, are helpful to others and who demonstrate both technical skill and a sophisticated artistic eye. In addition they needed to NOT own a copy of Photoshop 7 or later. The Candidates, all known for their excellence were (in no particular order):

Winternight, MiLo_Anderson , tbhockey , Digital_Angel , LiquidguitarJP, d_spin_9, PrettyFae , and stuffnstuff.

Selecting the final winners was extremely difficult because they were all very qualified in each category…so in the end it came down to age. The two winners are the two youngest. LiquidguitarJP at 13 is a remarkable young man who knows how to use PhotoshopCS, but lost his use of it when his brother returned to college. He has contributed handsomely and maturely to Caedes in every way, including giving advice when asked. Just take a look at his work and if you haven't...please vote on it. He will be receiving a new shrink-wrapped Photoshop CS and the congratulations of us all.

An alternate winner was selected despite the fact that she owns Photoshop 7. PrettyFae has also contributed deeply to the Caedes community with her many votes and helpful comments, with sage advice to others. At 14 years of age, she shows an artistic maturity beyond her years. Her submissions have been both popular and of high quality. DigitalFX was able to obtain a second award selected specifically for Fae. Because of her interest in fantasy characters, she will be receiving a copy of both volumes of Gnomon Workshop’s “Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig” DVD training course.

If you don’t know him, Iain is the fellow who designed most of the Harry Potter fantasy characters for the movie series. He also designs many of the fantasy characters in the Starwars series including Queen Amidala and Darth Maul. This two volume set, which features the design of his Cosmic Mermaid, will give Fae -- already a great designer -- a complete professional course in both story and character design from a master.

Congratulations to all the contestants and to the winners; and a heart felt thank you to both Adobe and Gnomon Workshop and Design Studio Press.

DigitalFX will be hosting a new silent contest in a few weeks. In this one, he will be looking for the most worthy older member. They must be retired or disabled; be a strong contributor to the Caedes Community, and have an excellent artistic eye. They must also have contributed a number of high quality submissions in any standard category. They must also NOT own current commercial image manipulation software. Please nominate members by PM-ing DigitalFX directly. Please do NOT mention the fact that you are submitting their name as we like these awards to come as a surprise.


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10/25/05 7:53 PM GMT
Oh, how exciting and innovative to have a secret contest and a great idea to recognize our younger members...congratulations to all the contestants and the two winners!...all well deserving...and what great prizes...sounds like there is more surprises to look forward to in the future too...bravo to Peter for all his efforts in this regard.:Pat.
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10/25/05 7:58 PM GMT
Congrats to Sean & Fae - and many thanks to Peter, Adobe & Gnomon for sorting the prizes.
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
10/25/05 7:59 PM GMT
Wow, great idea guys. Congrats to the winners.
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10/25/05 8:53 PM GMT
Wow, congratulations LiquidGuitarJP and PrettyFae. Good job.
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10/25/05 8:57 PM GMT
Wow, indeed. Great initiative Peter!

I'm excited for you guys. Way to go! Congratulations!
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10/25/05 9:07 PM GMT
The first time ever I feel like an old fogey...

Thanks so much! It was an honor just to be nominated. :-D
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If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. ;-)
10/25/05 9:15 PM GMT
Congratulations to all winners, I'm familiar with most of your names. Keep up the good work and have a great time...
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10/25/05 9:31 PM GMT
What a nice thing to come here and read today. My congrats. to all of our young people here who handle themselves so well. A special congrats. to Sean and Fae of course. Well done Peter.
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When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance... Leanne Womack
10/25/05 9:37 PM GMT
Great idea and congratulations to the winners...
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
10/25/05 9:54 PM GMT
Greatly honored, good job guys. (hey could there possibly be a copy os PS 7 as a consolation prize? =) just kidding.
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10/25/05 10:57 PM GMT
wow what a cool contest! Nice job DigitalFX for organizing all this, and congratulations to all the contest winners!
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb
10/25/05 10:59 PM GMT
wicked. fantastic idea!!! hats off to digitalFX & the recipients & ofcourse adobe & Gnomon Workshop :~)
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Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
10/25/05 11:00 PM GMT
This is sooo cool! I'm impressed. And my sincere congratulations to the winners and nominees. I looked through your galleries and you all deserved it! Cool!
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10/25/05 11:29 PM GMT
Congrats to all!
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It's never too late to be early. - Alexisonfire Check this out!
10/25/05 11:49 PM GMT
What a fantastic idea Peter and a wonderful thing to do to encourage our young members... Congratulations to Sean & Fae for winning ... Its good to see the work of the younger members being recognised, they are all creative, respectful, and helpful... Well done to all..
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"Life's like chocolate left in the sun... once it melts its gone"
10/25/05 11:49 PM GMT
Congratulations Sean and Fae. You have every reason to be proud -- you've earned it!
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10/26/05 2:20 AM GMT
Congratulations to the winners.. You are fine young artists..
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One bead at a time
10/26/05 9:10 AM GMT
This is a great example of what Caedes should be about. It is very refreshing. Congratulations to all who were deservingly nominated and to Sean and Fae for winning...and a hearty thanks to Peter for having this great idea.
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10/26/05 1:06 PM GMT
I love this. Congratulations Sean. Your landscapes show a sense of shape and composition that many of us never develop. Fae, your ability to create atmosphere with your images drew me to your images and amazed me when I discovered your age.

Peter, you rock, and thank you for coming up with such a delightful idea for encouraging participation and development. Thank you also to Adobe and Gnomon Workshop and Design Studio Press for your philanthropy.

This kind of community is why I came to and why I stay at Now if we can only come up with a silent contest for middle-aged farts like me :-)

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ж Regmar ж
10/26/05 2:09 PM GMT
I only wanted to echo everyone's sentiments. Sean and Fae are truly deserving of this honor and the rest of the candidates should be proud of their work as well. Nice work on this Peter, it is wonderful to see.
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
10/26/05 2:11 PM GMT
(Regmar - lol! I second that!!!!!)

How delightful. I'm so happy that such positive young people are able to be recognised. It made my evening to read this. I'm off to check out all the galleries in full!
Congratulations "young'uns" - all of you, and good on those who made it happen.
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10/26/05 3:50 PM GMT
Wow! :) Thankyou so much everyone! - special *thanks* to Peter who has been a great help and inspiration to me lately and to both Adobe and Gnomon Workshop! Oh, and big congats to Sean, too...well done ^_^
I haven't uploaded anything in a while due to massive amounts of homework (sigh) but this has certainly persuaded me to get creative again!
Thanks again to everyone involved,
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PrettyFae x ...join me in the world of Vampire Freaks for all your goth and rock needs! >:[...
10/26/05 5:38 PM GMT
Congrats everyone for your great work. you really are deserving of this award. And peter what a great idea! Keep it up everyone..
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There's someone in my head but it's not me. -Pink Floyd
10/26/05 5:42 PM GMT
Congratulations, well done! :-)
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Please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
10/26/05 10:38 PM GMT
Congratulations winners, and thank you for all that you've added to this site.
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-userone- (Gallery)
10/26/05 11:01 PM GMT
well done the young peeps!
keep up the excellent work 8)
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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! small <b>gallery</b> for your enjoyment
10/27/05 1:35 AM GMT
Congratulations! I can't wait to watch as you work your way through your new acquisitions. Post often!

And to Peter----Great job and the warmest thanks for your work giving these young artists encouragement and new materials to inspire them.
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10/27/05 2:30 PM GMT
- Sean (winner) !!
- Fae (winner) !!
- Peter (cool organiser) !!
- and Adobe & Gnomon !!
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"Life is but a smile on the lips of Death" (Li Zhinfa)
10/27/05 4:40 PM GMT
If you know of other worthy young people even below teens or older, or disabled people who have talent but may not be able to afford good software, please tell me about them in a PM. It's always better to work with good tools and people willing to give you a hand learning them.
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-DFX -
10/30/05 2:43 AM GMT
BRAVO!!! Fae and Sean and all other winners.You do Caedes proud!!!!!

"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away...I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away...I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away...I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay..."
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11/01/05 6:22 AM GMT
I agree with all the above.
Its a great idea to have a secret contest, and I am glad you could do something for these young talents.
So young TALENTS..bravo for winning and please honour your skills with sending us more beautiful pictures.
Good luck
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"pleasure in life you get by giving". You are welcom to visit my gallery
11/02/05 12:49 AM GMT
Congrats! ;-)
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11/08/05 11:51 AM GMT
Well Done to all....It's great idea...long may it continue!
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