Results for contest #16: Breaking the Rules

Submitted by caedes 11/20/05 12:05 AM GMT

The results are in for the "Breaking the Rules" contest. The judging was very difficult, but not nearly as bad as trying to make a good entry for the contest. Great work from all who entered!


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11/20/05 12:32 AM GMT
Congrats Jeff and all the other winners, well deserved all of you.
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11/20/05 12:33 AM GMT
congratulations to winners :)
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11/20/05 12:36 AM GMT
well done all the constestants !
it was a hard competition to enter and win
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11/20/05 12:39 AM GMT
Congratulations all.
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11/20/05 12:43 AM GMT
I give a congratulations to all the winners as well as the contestants who entered, this definitely was one of the hardest contests here on Caedes.
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11/20/05 12:47 AM GMT
Congratulations go out to all the contestants ! Each & every one of you is a winner.
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11/20/05 12:53 AM GMT
Congrats to all! Good to see a few of my favorites up there. Also thanks to anyone who voted for my entry, I was so surprised to see it there in fourth place! Now if I could just edit out the spelling mistakes in my commentry on "Panes of Rain"...
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11/20/05 5:49 AM GMT
Isn't it strange to be a winner for "loser photos" lol...but it shows that even the glitches and flaws and booboos....can be good......we all learn from them no matter what. IT was a great idea to have this contest and many many congrats to all of you!! I had way too many "bad" photos to even choose one to I'm happy for all of was great!!
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11/20/05 8:34 AM GMT
:) Congrats to all!
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11/20/05 8:46 AM GMT
Big Congrats to the winners and those who 'placed'.
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~ Mimi~
11/20/05 9:48 AM GMT
Congratulations to all.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
11/20/05 10:18 AM GMT
Congrats to all participants and to the organizers. It was a very interesting contest!
More! More! :-)
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11/20/05 2:13 PM GMT
Congratulations to all the winners and participants.. It was fun to watch, and see what everyone came up with....
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One bead at a time
11/20/05 2:19 PM GMT
Congrats. to all. A special thanks to Piner for the time spent on all the details of this contest. Whether we participated or not, the information given can help all of us.
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11/20/05 3:04 PM GMT
Several of my favorites made the cut. Congratulations to all, it's difficult to go through the things you wouldn't have thought about uploading looking for what still is a good shot. And Tom, I'd like to see that list of the standard rules placed by link under navigation or faqs. It was a lot of work to compile and can be a valuable reference tool.
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11/20/05 3:13 PM GMT
congrats to all the winners :~) well done
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Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
11/20/05 4:30 PM GMT
Well... I'll try my best next time... =\ .. But, congrats to the winners, and indeed a hard competition, my first!.. Well, theres always next time..
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Shizzle me Nizzle Ho! -Los Riffas-
11/21/05 12:33 AM GMT
Thanks to all who voted for me it came as a nice suprise after being away for a few days... and congrats to all others who won/earned their title also. and to all others keep up the good work because i really thought some of the other stuff was better then mine for being Dramatic
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11/21/05 7:48 AM GMT
congatulations everyone! that was one hard contest!
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Is this burning an eternal flame ?
11/21/05 7:54 AM GMT
Congratulations to all the winers and to all the contestants! It was a great fun.
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11/21/05 12:27 AM GMT
This was my first contest ever, didn't think I would make it next to all the pro's around here :) I am very plezant surprised and proud with my "Honorable Mention", :] Thank you for voting my Image Taking of
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11/21/05 1:25 PM GMT
Before anyone asks... we are already working on setting up contest # 17. :cP
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11/21/05 2:39 PM GMT
Oh--the contest results are in and what a neat surprise to find myself among those who received Honorable Mention...I am suddenly glad I break the rules, lol, and delighted to see those little dots beside my name...thank you to all who commented, voted, and selected my image...congratulations to Jeff and all the other winners and bravo to all the participants...lots of great entries...and thanks again to Tom for a fun and informative contest and letting us know that another is in the works.:Pat.
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11/21/05 6:07 PM GMT
A big thanks to everyone who voted and to everyone that participated in the contest. It's great to see that 'conventional' photography wisdom can be thrown out the window and you can still get some really pleasing shots ;-)
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11/21/05 11:10 PM GMT
Oo can't wait for the next contest!
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What rhymes with Apophysis? Check this out!
11/22/05 6:45 PM GMT
COngrats every one!!!!!
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11/24/05 4:22 AM GMT
Bravo to all winners!!!!!
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11/28/05 8:05 AM GMT
Congratulatios to the winners, people who voted and all the people who put this contest up.
I am waiting for the next one....
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !

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