New contest: "Colors of Nature"

Submitted by caedes 10/15/10 5:15 AM GMT

The next contest "Colors of Nature" is now open for entries.


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10/22/10 1:16 PM GMT
Sounds like fun! I'll be looking for my favorite color - blue!
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10/25/10 2:21 AM GMT
red is my favorite!!
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10/27/10 3:58 PM GMT
I love pink and purple. :3
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10/28/10 12:16 AM GMT
I have not been asked to vote in any of these contests since they started having them almost twice a month. If I'm good enough to make a judgement for Art Council but not a contest, I guess I'm not good enough to enter them.
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10/28/10 4:03 PM GMT
Have patience Cynlee, your time will come.
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10/28/10 7:39 PM GMT
@ Cindy (Cynlee)

You have to have 5 votes on a picture that you had in the last contest, don't know if that's correct, but I have been reading that somewhere here in a discussion thread, so it has nothing to do with being good enough to judge.

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Carpe Diem!
10/29/10 2:46 AM GMT
The voters for each contest are chosen among the people who have entered one of the last 4 contests and received at least 5 votes total in those contests. If you are chosen as a voter, you will get a special PM that will link to the voting page.

From this thread:

I have also asked Geri to add this to the FAQ.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
10/29/10 12:30 AM GMT
I hate to seem narrow minded... I could be.. I think the voters culled from those choices (ONLY) may be too limiting to the outcomes overall.

Being involved encourages more involvement...right?

Additionally, maybe if someone takes the time to vote on the subject they could be allowed to vote on the outcome too? ?
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11/07/10 3:33 AM GMT
Anyone who likes to vote can always go to the Voting Booth. I do this often just to practice my eye - even if I have no photo to upload.
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11/27/10 9:57 PM GMT
^ Probably one of the healthier, and more selfless postions taken on voting that I've seen in a while. High five!
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