Contest "Fairy Tales" winners

Submitted by caedes 12/03/11 1:15 AM GMT

The winners of the contest "Fairy Tales" have been announced.


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12/03/11 2:33 AM GMT
Well I must say that was a well-told tale with a surprise ending. Congratulations to the winners.
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12/03/11 4:57 AM GMT
Congrat's to all the winners. A job well done by all that entered.
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12/03/11 6:58 PM GMT
Congratulations Erja/Inkeri. I think you did a great job of presenting an image that called to mind a "Fairy Tale" scene, with bits of nature in seemingly odd places, a "stopping point" in the tale, and a slightly surreal glow.

I am also a big fan of Coram/Chris' interpretation, with its moments of wonder, and small creatures sharing light and communication.

I'm of 2 minds on Lilu/Lisa's impressive hidden surprises layering in - on the one hand, I would have liked to see a bit more "blending" so that all of the pieces truly looked as if they were naturally there in situ - on the other hand, I think that to some extent the non-blending works as a factor of "otherworldy surprise doesn't quite fit here". Either way, it's an impressive creation. 8•)
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