New contest: "Numbers & Letters"

Submitted by caedes 06/26/16 7:15 PM GMT

The next contest "Numbers & Letters" is now open for entries until 07/09/16 7:15 PM GMT.


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06/26/16 8:22 PM GMT
I will not participate in this contest as there appeared to be something fishy in the way this topic went from not being there to the winner in one fell swoop. Several people have posted complaints on this on the topic poll page as well.
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06/27/16 10:07 AM GMT
I agree with Kathy, I will not be involved in this one at all!
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06/27/16 2:50 PM GMT
I agree. I want the topic pulled. It is a sham and the sham artist should be identified and disciplined.
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06/27/16 9:10 PM GMT
It is my understanding that the workings of each contest is fully automated these days so it would likely take the personal intervention of caedes himself to adjust the situation...failing that we can either refrain from entering the current contest altogether OR enter images exemplifying Depth of Field, the rightful winner of the recent contest vote, then cast our votes on the entries is unclear at the moment who or what caused this but if any caedes member tried to manipulate the results of the vote, shame on won't get away with it.
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06/28/16 11:38 AM GMT
I join me in the comments above.
For further information one can check-out THIS LINK as well!!!
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06/28/16 5:18 PM GMT
Hey, I like Mesmerize's idea. That will work.
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06/28/16 6:50 PM GMT
Ok...did anyone bring this to mimi's attention? I may be wrong but I don't think she can fix it...I think the whole thing is automated and it would takes caedes himself to re-program or adjust the situation...however, we have several days before the contest ends...perhaps we should wait awhile and see what happens...if nothing happens and there are no entries in the Letters and Numbers contest, then everyone interested might enter DOF's that idea?
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