Contest "Skies" winners

Submitted by caedes 09/20/19 3:15 AM GMT

The winners of the contest "Skies" have been announced.


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10/24/19 1:04 PM GMT
I like the image captured by 0930_23. Not only the contrast between light and dark skies but it also captured the rays coming from the sun. altera-fpga
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10/30/19 2:56 PM GMT
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12/03/19 1:57 PM GMT
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01/06/20 8:28 AM GMT
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01/11/20 5:43 AM GMT
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01/16/20 1:43 PM GMT
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01/23/20 6:44 AM GMT
"Gates" - Can't wait to see all the entries and the winners. It seems very intriguing in each interpretation. tree care
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02/08/20 11:49 AM GMT
I am looking forward to seeing who wins! Lawn Service Miami
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02/21/20 8:08 AM GMT
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