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1989 (35 years) 
10/21/05 12:37 AM GMT12/26/16 11:39 PM GMT 

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Spring cemetery by jackal_786, photography->general gallery Sitting on the edge by jackal_786, photography->people gallery cliff by jackal_786, photography->shorelines gallery
Spring cemetery Sitting on the edge cliff


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10/22/05 12:10 AM GMT
Lol, its noticeable that your new... People dont get too excited with dates on the pics, i advice that you remove the date.... I had the same problem a first, with one of my pics, learned my lesson... (:
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"Those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands, those of you in the more expensive ones rattle your jewelry." - John Lennon-
10/22/05 4:03 PM GMT
for starters... try to disable that function in ur camera.. secondly.. anyone here can help you with removing the date.. try Phil (philcuk) for best results..
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"Those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands, those of you in the more expensive ones rattle your jewelry." - John Lennon-
10/23/05 3:51 PM GMT
Hi...I downloaded your last pic and took it into photoshop. Was able to remove the date in about 30 seconds with the HEALING function. I'll forward the undated version to you if you want to send me your email address, though it might be best to work with the original. Let me know via personal message. Have a good day!
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10/25/05 12:35 AM GMT
I saw your post on What does your camera mean to you? so I followed the link. Welcome to caedes and thanks for the interesting post. cheers, Quiet
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~"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths" (Prov. 3:6).~
10/25/05 2:08 PM GMT
Hello and welcome to Thank you for your opinion of "Screen Wash":-)
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10/25/05 3:33 PM GMT
thanks for the post on the NASA X-15 shot

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
10/25/05 5:41 PM GMT
Hi! Thanks for your comment on the "october" shot.

- Petri
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10/25/05 6:57 PM GMT
hello. thanks for the nice comment on blue skies =]
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anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain
10/25/05 8:35 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "there's a fire in the sky" I'll repost, I think. I had put a blur on the sky to get rid of the pixellation, but it was a bit too much, I suppose.
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"Morals, like clothes, change with the fashions, or, perhaps the fashions change to adorn the morals." Florence Reed
10/25/05 10:00 PM GMT
Many thanks for the comment.

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"What other reason could there be to get up in the morning except to set ourselves free." If my comment on your work ever seems to criticise, it does not. It is always so that we may learn together.
10/26/05 9:06 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your comments on "The Dreamscape". I really enjoy your sunset pictures. Nice work.
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Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on? -Mae The Dreamscape...
10/27/05 2:23 PM GMT
Hi...welcome to caedes and thank you so much for your great comment on Beauty and the Bridge...very glad you liked it and I appreciate that you dropping by on it.:Pat.
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Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
10/27/05 9:15 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my "Yes, God?" I'm glad you like it.
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-=Pride is not a sin=-
10/28/05 5:19 AM GMT
Hi Jack! Thank you for the comment on "Piercing Qualities".
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10/28/05 10:17 AM GMT
Thanks Jackal for the comment on "Hervey Bay". I wasn't sure if it was up to CAEDES standard.
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10/28/05 11:59 AM GMT
Thanks so much for your kind remarks on 'Purple Haze', I really appreciate it!
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For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who earnestly waits for Him. Isaiah 64:4
10/29/05 12:59 AM GMT
Hello, I’m pleased you like “Bimbadeen” and thank you for your comments about it.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
10/29/05 2:56 PM GMT
Hi there...thank you for your nice comments on Country Charm...very glad you liked it and I appreciate your visit.:Pat.
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Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
10/30/05 3:18 PM GMT
Hi and thank you for the nice comment on "Launch at Lake Site", it's very much appreciated.

Please feel free to view my Gallery.
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11/02/05 2:52 PM GMT
Hi! Thanks so much for the great comments on "Four of a Kind"! I really appreciate it - glad you have joined Caedes. Hope you will enjoy it! Have a great day!!!
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Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln
11/05/05 2:33 PM GMT
Thank you for the nice comment on "A Beautiful Song". Most of us have good eyes...just takes time to see with them;-)
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11/10/05 3:21 PM GMT
Thank you for the high marks on "Wanna Play" I really appreciate it. I'm glad you liked it.

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I invite you to take a close look at my gallery Click Here!
11/11/05 3:51 PM GMT
Thanks for your recent comment on "Illuminate". I am glad that you liked it. :-)
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The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up. – Mark Twain
11/15/05 3:08 PM GMT
Hello Jackal, are u from the movie??? (just kidding !!!), thanks for your recent comments of "the joy of childhood", Im glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the support about the c-index, sometimes we dont know what exactly people like and can give a good mark.
my new one "How about a coffee?"
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
11/15/05 3:25 PM GMT
Hello jackal, I’m pleased you like “Tuckers House”. Your comments about it are much appreciated, thank you.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
11/18/05 4:51 PM GMT
I know this is a late thanks for the compliment on my picture but figured it means just the same ;) So, thanks for commenting on my picture "Morning View"!
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·: BLyND :· ** This is my band's web site... check us out!!**
11/23/05 12:42 AM GMT
hello there, thanks a lot for your kind comments on "How about a coffee?" very a ppreciate
my new "Guess WHO is"
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
11/30/05 5:15 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on My Neighbors Yard.. Glad you liked it..
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One bead at a time
12/01/05 7:27 PM GMT
Hi ,A big thanks for the kind comments on 'Brewing Storm' I am so glad you like it.
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Don`t cover yourself in petrol and smoke.
12/05/05 12:20 AM GMT
Thanks for noticing 'Royal Palm'. Nice to have your favourable comments! - Dave
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01/25/06 3:38 AM GMT
Hey Jack, tks so much for your kind remarks on Cat's Eye Reworked!
It is comments like yours that keep me here.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
05/12/06 10:17 AM GMT
Thank you so much for your very nice comment on Escape. It is much appreciated.
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Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do - Helen Keller
06/20/06 8:22 AM GMT
Zaheer (cool name),
Thanks for the generous comments regarding Still Standing Tall, they're much appreciated. Glad you liked it.
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It was beauty killed the beast -King Kong
08/25/06 10:30 PM GMT
Hi Zaheer, thanks for stopping by and commenting on "Hood Ornament". I appreciate you taking a look.
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03/15/07 7:48 PM GMT
thanks Zaheer for the kind post on my Best of British shot - very much appreciated

cheers - Phil
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
05/14/07 11:28 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind words regarding Wetlands at Dusk, they're appreciated. Take care.
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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams
05/19/07 5:34 PM GMT
Hi Zaheer, thanks for taking the time to comment on my photograph 'centre stage' - kind of you to take the time! :)
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"Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile" .... mygallery
07/04/07 11:47 AM GMT
Thanks for visiting/critiquing Gallardo - Street Sweet V...
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
11/07/07 6:48 PM GMT
thanx Zaheer for your lovely words on 'rocks':))
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laughter is the best medicine.

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