Contest #12: Food and Drink

Winner will receive a 4 month membership in the Caedes Cadre and either the title "Honorable Knight of the Digital Arts" (HKofDA) or "Omnipotent Weilder of the Gilded Shutter" (OWofGS).

First Place
Sprouting Onions by photoimagery

Those of us hoping for a chance for first place this time around may have found that these onions brought tears to their eyes for a different reason! One look at this beautiful work and it is obvious that this guy knows how to handle a camera! With the keen eye that he is quickly becoming renowned for here at caedes, Michael has captivated all who veiwed "Sprouting Onions" with his uncanny ability to capture true beauty in an ordinarily mundane object. Congrats on an outstanding first rate, and first place, image.

Second Place
Green Natural Fractal by heidlerr

One of the skills required by a great photographer is to see the potential in something most people wouldn't give a second glance. In "Green Natural Fractal", Russ has taken such an item - a normal, everyday cabbage - and transformed it into this fresh and visually stimulating work of art. A most deserving winner of the Silver medal position!

Third Place
fresh lemonade anyone ???? by easynow

What could be more refreshing than a cool glass of lemonade? Well, how about an image which combines imagination and skill to create a fascinating and original desktop image?? That's exactly what this artist has come up with in their Third Place winning entry "Fresh Lemonade anyone???". Congratulations on a great idea, expertly executed.

Fourth Place
Gallus Egg by Cain

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. And in this case it seems you can't make an award winning contest entry without doing it either. Cain has once again used her awesome skill and sense of style to turn what most of us would consider a waste product into a fascinating study of light and shadow. Brilliant work!

Honorable Mention
They will each get a one month membership in the Caedes Cadre.
Pretty Peppers by camerahound
Juicy Fruit by pixelpusher