Contest 13: Holidays at Home

First Place
The same procedure as last year by arneh

"Besides the decorated spruce, the TV fairy-tales, the ham, the pickled herring, the chipolata sausages, the meatballs, the Christmas beers and the snaps, small decorations and objects makes a true Swedish Christmas holiday...exactly the same as last year. "

Second Place
A Christmas Suprise by ThisIsMOC

"This is my sons first electric train... I spent a good part of christmas eve setting this track and tunnel up. I wish I could show you his face when he saw it this morning..."

Third Place
Christmas time by ppigeon

"My contribution for the contest. Enjoy :-) "

Honorable Mention
Christmas Crystal by camerahound
Ornament 2004 by jojomercury
Christmas many things by mythica