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05/09/10 12:42 AM GMT
You might categorize 'a favorite toy' within the still life category - but not necessarily.
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10s for everyone in the VB today!
05/09/10 12:50 AM GMT
However you see time, experience time, feel time, make time move or stand still. Many variations and can be interpreted in many ways.
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Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. - Ansel Adams....... My Gallery
05/09/10 12:51 AM GMT
Hello Everyone,

Night Life This would be shots made in natural light.
It's a great way to show us your town, city or harbor after dark just remember to turn off your flash.
I think this will work for all our talented abstract and computer artist too.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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I shoot what I likes and I likes what I shoot.
05/09/10 5:41 AM GMT
Hi all. I voted for 'statues'. I was wondering if it would include partial sculptures such as busts, and perhaps to make it more interesting and challenging, stipulate that any shot would have to be more than just the sculpture itself. Perhaps... Use a statue to tell a story or create a scene etc. Thoughts?
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05/09/10 7:24 AM GMT
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To get a high C-index one only needs to capture flowers- they don't move and are EXTREMELY EASY to capture - don't try another media!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/09/10 10:32 AM GMT
I can't vote for night life as I doubt I could enter though it could be a nice contest subject.
Statues...hmm nah, doesn't inspire me.
I'm not sure at the moment..maybe patterns in nature :)
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"Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film." ~~My DA Gallery~~
05/09/10 1:34 PM GMT
I would like to see a more inclusive subject. Time or patterns could be interpreted more across the board with more varied results. What if the patterns category were not "just" natures?
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05/09/10 1:37 PM GMT
Two of the suggestions, Nightlife, and downtown, might be a bit difficult for our rural contributors. When you life out in the middle of nowhere, nightlife consists of deer trying to steal your garden... Wait a minute... There's an idea!
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For in and out, above, about, below, 'Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show, Play'd in a Box whose Candle is the Sun, Round which we Phantom Figures come and go. From Edward Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
05/09/10 10:12 PM GMT
'joy, makes you smile' i'm guessing someone has a memory card full of cherished toddler shots they are just itching to share...perhaps make it interesting as a subject by specifically excluding such obvious subject material.....
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
05/09/10 11:24 PM GMT
As I had mentioned in the previous contest topic poll, I am voting for "Patterns" this time.

A slight refinement on the topic suggested by Verena last go round. (Thank you, Verena ... and I hope you don't mind me being a stickybeak here.)

Agree with Elizabeth, insofar as the slight change from 'patterns in nature' to that of simply, 'patterns' ... would open it up some more for all genres and artists on the site and be more inclusive.

And this change would not preclude those images of patterns found in nature from being more than acceptable and worthy submissions.



Take a photograph ... create an image ... where patterns grab the viewer's attention.

Some inspirational examples ... Patterns ... Use of Repetitive Shapes or Forms. (Albeit, photographic ones.)

"When searching for scenes that could make a strong image, one of the best places to start can often be to look for repeating subjects that make a pattern. You will often hear photography instructors say things like "patterns bring a sense of order and rhythm to an image".

Vote cast for "Patterns Nature Makes" for now. (Hopefully, or perhaps, more appropriately ... a request ... that it be edited.)
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/10/10 12:17 AM GMT
I think I am for patterns as well. Were it Humor instead of Joy, I would change my mind.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
05/10/10 5:13 AM GMT
I've really seen many patterns, ie, leaves, snow, shadows, sand on the beach from wind etc, within flowers, sticks, grasses etc.
Eyes have to really observe the "little things" and suddenly there is an abundance of patterns that emerge all around us.
I like your words Les...and appreciate your thinking about my last suggesting for patterns of nature. I'm sure there will be a good decision coming right on up. I love these contests. Dang!! There is an abundance of learning, it's totally awesome. Verena
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The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
05/10/10 6:48 AM GMT
Okay, "Patterns" it is for me... though it looks like the 'joy factor' is winning out. Speaking strictly for me I'd love to see a more challenging subject. Can I vote twice? ;-)
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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." -- Katharine Hepburn
05/10/10 8:21 AM GMT
Statues and Joy, makes you smile, don't we already see enough of those pictures here?

Think it's time for a new challenge, something different, something of -->thinking out of the box picture<-- !!
That's why it is a contest, to come up with something new, something difference, something you have to think about before you hit the button of your camera. :oD

So Patterns would be a good choice for the next contest. :o)

Allthough micro-macro is great too :oD

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Carpe Diem!
05/10/10 4:02 PM GMT
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05/10/10 5:31 PM GMT
Night Life
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Use your imagination when photographing, that's when you know your subject is in focus.
05/10/10 6:39 PM GMT
'Patterns' sounds good to me & as mentioned before the topic will include all genres ... that's if the 'nature makes' is dropped.

I do like 'Time' (I'm thinking more specifically of a "Passage In Time" theme. 'Micro / Macro' ... should lead to some creativity also.

Now to place my vote .... ;-)
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"I Love Lab's!"
05/11/10 1:07 AM GMT
Personally I prefer a more specific topic than just "Patterns", "Patterns nature makes" is broad enough IMO... I can't imagine there is anyone who is in a situation where they couldn't find something that would fit the topic and make a great image. I think more restrictive topics force greater creativity, but just my opinion...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
05/11/10 3:03 AM GMT
Patterns is intriguing - the entries will varied and fun to view.
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine
05/11/10 4:21 AM GMT
@Sam: I agree with you ... to an extent.

In that fractologists would be readily included, if the topic were to be more exacting and that of 'Patterns Nature Makes'.

However, I was thinking about Bryce and programs of that nature. Wherein, the authors have not had to purchase much additional stuff.

Referencing works displayed in the "Computer" galleries, aside from the CGI landscapes.

So, am still suggesting 'Patterns' alone.
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/11/10 7:31 PM GMT
If I might point out, previous contest topics have included "Just Lines", "Symmetry", and "Curves". Do you suppose that "Patterns" might sort of overlap more than just slightly into these already-run's?

edit: Also found
Morat's Assignment#2 which is, um, a composition of repetition..

Just sayin'...
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05/11/10 10:33 PM GMT

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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/11/10 10:37 PM GMT
Ok, in all seriousness this time ... I believe focussing on shapes and forms for 'Patterns' ... would be, is ... enough of a delineation from that of the previous run contests that you make mention of.

And since 'we' have you here, Phil ... 'statues' is far too exclusive. Good good one, perhaps, for photography.

Appreciate that you at least expanded/elaborated on your idea in your post above. :o)
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/11/10 10:40 PM GMT
Hmm.. Statues wasn't put up by me, if I understand correctly. I simply put my 2 in the jar next to it ;-)

Still, fair point about statues, sculptures being for photography only.
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05/12/10 9:23 PM GMT
Cookie, Phil?

Been catching your 'constructive critiques' on images, in addition to your presence being made otherwise in the community (like on this topic poll).

Think you more than deserve a couple of baked good morsels.

Thank you. :o)
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/13/10 10:01 PM GMT
I think CGI artists could adhere to "Patterns nature makes" without too much trouble... eg replicating a honeycomb, flower or similar natural designs. Again I think that restricting it to this specific topic forces greater creativity... "Patterns" would certainly be easier, but to my mind perhaps a bit too easy. I have lots of images that would fit that topic but for me the point should be that you go out and try to do something new...

In any case I think that if you prefer a different take on a contest topic you really need to add it to the list so that people can vote on it... otherwise you really have to go with the topic as people voted for it. It wouldn't be fair on those who actually wanted that topic to wait until the voting was over and then change it...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
05/13/10 10:39 PM GMT
Since the topic has not been edited ... and with only two days, or less, to go on the voting ...

Ok, "Patterns nature makes" ... it is. (Meaning, I am not changing my vote.)

Things will get too complicated in the end trying to make changes after the fact and as you mention above, Sam.

So ...

If anyone has voted for "Patterns nature makes" ... and had cast a vote for that of "Patterns" alone ... best put up another option and change your vote.
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"There is always something waiting at the end of the road ... if you're not willing to see what it is ... you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place."
05/14/10 7:28 PM GMT
What Sam said makes total sense. I love the idea of there being more of a challenge in "Patterns Nature Makes" instead of just Patterns. It will help all of us to search a bit farther as we look at things. This is so exciting. V
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The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
05/15/10 9:21 PM GMT
Think you right Verena and Sam ofcourse, just keep it to one(1) subject in this case 'Patterns Nature Makes', must be a challenge for everyone and not a 'just around the corner' shot :o)
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Carpe Diem!
05/16/10 7:19 PM GMT
someone needs to post something as an example of this Patterns Nature Makes. I have no clue if I could enter anything.
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05/16/10 7:44 PM GMT
The wikipedia article for "pattern" may give you some ideas.
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05/17/10 4:45 PM GMT
Kathy (hpdka)... near the top of this thread, (purmusic) provided a link to some excellent examples of Patterns Nature Makes.

For convenience, here it is again; Patterns - Use of Repetitive Shapes or Forms

Your "Bridge Over Missouri River", is another fine example. However, for submitting to the contest, the image needs to be new or uploaded after May 15.

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*Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams*
05/28/10 11:36 AM GMT
Home from Hols, just got into the comp by the skin of my teeth. :)
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It is not "The powerful attack the weak." it is "The fearful attack what they fear."

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