Pole Land  

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Uploaded: 02/06/15 9:20 PM GMT
Pole Land
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How could I not dedicate this to our special agents SAM & SAAB (Marzena.) They have been gone on a clandestine assignment for quite some time. Let's hope SAAB returns and turns the snow yellow around all the poles and fence posts.

I can remember when I turned Captain Clone loose on all electrical poles and lines to enhance the photo. That was the way it was done back in the day. Now I am using them for a contest. Go figure!

I like how the fence and the horizon seem to have a rendezvous planned on the left. Perhaps SAM & SAAB will be meeting us there as well. If not, let's have a barn dance for all agents. Till then, SOT over and out......

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02/06/15 9:42 PM GMT
---Let's hope SAAB returns and turns the snow yellow around all the poles and fence posts---

1) Tick, even when the winter will last, it will be a hectic job for SAAB, lol.

2) SAM and SAAB will appreciate this dedication. My estimate is that it will be not that long after we can see their come back.

3) Very apt entry for the contest Owd Fella. Good luck with it!
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02/06/15 10:26 PM GMT
when to clone, and not to clone, this is one not too! Tick, It sounds to me like SAAB has a big job ahead of him when he returns.Lol! This is a good contest entry, and you have such a way with the English language. You made me chuckle! tigz =^..^=
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02/06/15 10:28 PM GMT
Funny how times have changed. I am not as quick to clone out wires anymore, but these have a distinct purpose in your picture. I love the way the poles seem to head on into eternity...but if I try to count them, me owd eyeballs go buggy! Excellent winter shot, and contest entry, Tick. Good luck.
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02/06/15 10:48 PM GMT
My eyes are not as good as they were but I still managed to read "this is my contest entry" Tick. When one has learned morse code in the young days and used it often one doesn't forget it easily. Lovely shot and a good entry for the contest.
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02/06/15 10:55 PM GMT
A very good entry and winter scene at the same time Tick - they truly do vanish!
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02/06/15 11:41 PM GMT
Another well constructed and composed image. I guess we will not being seeing any czechs in pole land.
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02/07/15 12:08 AM GMT
i cant help but to think if one was to take a chain saw & cut the first one just right, would they all fall like dominos? that got me thinking about food, so i ordered a pizza. i seem to have got my wires crossed here & all train of thought has vanished...huummm pretty effective picture.
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02/07/15 1:46 AM GMT
Terrific angle to the shot. Good one for the contest, hope you enter it. Fine capture.
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02/07/15 5:13 AM GMT
.- -. / --- .-. .. --. .. -. .- .-.. / -.-. --- -. -.-. . .--. - / .- -. -.. / -.-. . .-. - .- .. -. / .-- .. -. -. . .-. / ..-. --- .-. / - .... . / -.-. --- -. - . ... - / - .. -.-. -.- .-.-.-

Good luck, my friend.
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02/07/15 8:25 AM GMT
Excellent shot and good luck in the contest Tick.
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02/07/15 8:37 AM GMT
Good line of un-cloned posts pal! is a dandy of a post for the contest!...

Sam and SAAB have been busy somewhere else!!!..and she told me about a broken camera she needs fixing..or to buy a new one!.... in a tizzy to know which one to Tiz on first in this!
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02/07/15 9:48 AM GMT
Very well captured, A nice winter scene,
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02/07/15 4:17 PM GMT
I think it was a very nice day when you took this shot, Ron
Great perspective with a nice blue sky
Good luck in the contest, mate !
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02/07/15 5:53 PM GMT
Nice winter scene Tick!!! I'm diggin' those poles going into infinity - good composition and a great blue sky. Well Done!!!
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02/07/15 8:32 PM GMT
I think you are right SAAB would love running round these post and SAM would not have to worry if he went missing as she could use are skills in tracking him down in the snow . You made this a interesting photo with your story and the detail and depth of field is superb in this capture .Plus very nice compstion and stunning natural colours too.
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02/07/15 10:14 PM GMT
Tick - Pole-land is a powerful image. ;-) Excellent use of open space of the snow-covered field and blue sky.
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02/09/15 8:48 AM GMT
It's sunny and beautiful, but I bet it's cold, Tick. I am sure Marzena will love it. Good luck, my friend.
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02/11/15 4:20 PM GMT
Good vanishing point selection Tick - good luck in the contest. Nice snowy photo - do You have that much show in Missouri? (When I read Your title I thought this was going to be a shot of a club with girls on poles!)
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02/12/15 7:56 AM GMT
Oh, I love this photography, Ron! Beautiful winter landscape!
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02/18/15 3:24 PM GMT
Nicey composition and depth. The electric wires leading you into the picture!
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