Kelly Poling Mural  

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Uploaded: 03/05/20 9:29 PM GMT
Kelly Poling Mural
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This is just a portion of a mural in Excelsior Spring, Missouri painted by Kelly Poling. You can read about Kelly here and see more of his murals here. One of the links I had planned didn't work so here is another.

I took this photo several years ago and finally decided to share. In my search for information about the mural and the artist I found out some sad news. I discovered Kelly was the artist and I found his email address. I sent an email to see if I could discover what the scene depicted in relationship to Excelsior Springs history. I received a reply from Kelly's wife telling me Kelly had died in 2018. I felt bad for intruding, but she assured me I had not intruded. She said she would send me the information if she could locate it among his files. If you look at his mural page, you will see he has many to his credit. Therefore, this is my dedication to a great artist. His legacy lives on in Missouri Murals.

Possible contest entry if it meets the requirements.


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03/05/20 9:35 PM GMT
A beautiful and very well painted mural and a very good photo of it Tick. If this is your entry for the contest it will do very well.
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03/05/20 9:49 PM GMT
It's a wonderful mural and would be a great entry.
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03/05/20 10:05 PM GMT
This has a unique style to a well know artist....I do like the history of the old masters...
If this is gonna be your entry...the best of luck old friend
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03/05/20 11:24 PM GMT
I see that the people he painted on the building, and except for the dog, are looking at us just as we are looking at them. Why the dog did not find us interesting is up for interpretation, The scene gave me a "Twilight Zone" feeling when I noticed that situation of the people and the dog. As though there is some story that needs to be spoken that we are missing and the dog is just fine with us not knowing!
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03/06/20 6:24 AM GMT
I love murals, they are beautifying the town so much. Excellent post, Tick.
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03/06/20 7:06 AM GMT
What a remarkable scene and wonderful story. This surely is exceptional for the contest, bravo!
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03/06/20 10:26 AM GMT
Owd Fella Tick (OFT), your narrative is already expanded, but with three links you make it a very well-documented one.
When checking-out the last link, I noticed that Kelly Poling used regular brushes to realize his murals.
The artists, of which some of their murals I depicted in my mural series, used a different technique while standing on a scaffolding: instead of brushes they were using the spraying (paint brush) technique.
Regardless of the technique used, this result is amazing.
A reason for me to S+F this contribution.
Thank you for this very nice mural, 👍 !

1. May that Kelly Rest In Peace!;
2. Hope that this will be your contribution for the current contest. If so, wish you Good Luck with it!
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03/06/20 12:01 AM GMT
He sure was talented, by the look of this beautifully done mural. I hope you will let us know if you hear back from his wife. I think by your sending the email, it just shows her how much his work was appreciated.
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03/06/20 9:44 PM GMT
Such a talented artist Tick - love the subject matter and use of subtle tones in that mural - Nice Find and Thanks for introducing us to Kelly Poling's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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03/06/20 10:15 PM GMT
I too noticed he favored pastel tones in this work which is more unusual - exceptional work and I don't see why it wouldn't fit the contest.
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03/07/20 3:38 AM GMT
This is such great work. I'm glad you shared it. We also have some murals in our town but a terrible tornado came some years back and damaged a good bit of them. It is so interesting how he painted the townsfolk looking in the same direction...I wonder what he was trying to say.
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03/07/20 6:13 AM GMT
The people stopping in their tracks and looking backward at the viewer is spot on. Either he was working from an old photograph, or just had perfect intuition of how average citizens reacted to a camera in the early days of street photography. Kind of like a UFO suddenly appearing on a busy street and everyone froze in shock or curiosity. It was a real thing then and perfectly captured in this mural.
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03/07/20 5:21 PM GMT
Well done mural of what possibly was the "Frontier Era" - AFTER the railroads and established statehood, but just BEFORE the advent of the automobile, which pretty much ended these areas being called "Frontiers"...

Nice presentation on both art and artist, Cap'n...Faved...
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03/11/20 11:24 AM GMT
Hey Ron !
It is difficult to choose from these three participants in the current
Contest "Kelly Poling Mural" 1, 2, or nr 3.Wish you good luck,
good friend !
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03/13/20 3:26 PM GMT
Wow, what a magnificent artist, he was so talented and sad to hear such talent is no longer with us
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